Sunday, 17 March 2013

Getting back on track - year of projects 17.03.13 certainly seems like it has been for-e-ver since I did a YOP post.  In all honesty, things have been so disorganised and upside down that my mind hasn't been on the job.

Funny that when I look at what I've completed so far, it's mainly the knitting projects.

After the mammoth task of sock knitting, a good dose of crochet was needed and I thought I would get back on with my vintage throw.  I put this aside originally, as I was put off by having to read the chart to find the next colour, somehow while my project hibernated this became a HUGE thing in my head, so it has been a lovely discovery to get back on and enjoy every stitch. is it going?


Dream Stripes shawl
A Veera Valimaki jumper or cardigan, but I can't decide which!  - completed
Fiets Hand Shoes from Knitting Brioche book
Oor-flap Muts - from Knitting Brioche book - completed
Ipod Hoodie - I think these may be a good pressie, so if it is straightforward then I may make a few.
Pinwheel Purse - another present idea - completed
Slippers - I've looked at lots of patterns, but will try this one first - completed
Big Snowy Owl - just because! - completed
A pair of socks......I fancy trying some toe-up two-at-a-time....but we will see! - completed(!)
Ten Stitch Twist - I think this may be a pipe dream! - in progress


Owl scarf - so cute
Fingerless mitts - maybe these ones?
Blanket - oh dear!
Another blanket - are you seeing a pattern?
Cinderella - present idea
I have a vintage crocheted throw on the go, which I must finish and also from many moons ago, the famous Boring blanket, which proved so boring, it is still not finished!

So maybe not as far ahead as I should be....but then this is all about enjoyment.

These past couple of days, I have been starting to organise a new crafting fabric, yarn and painting things have been packed for near enough four months, so it an absolute dream to find my things a home.  I have been rather scared by the amount of yarn I have, but it is lovely to see it all in one place (even if it doesn't fit as beautifully as I would like....shoehorned is definitely the word!)  I am hoping that this step into settling will mean I feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more at home.

To catch up with all the other yoppers, take a look at the ravelry group page.

Friday, 8 March 2013

World Book Day 2013

Pirate Jack with his faithful friend (Chester) and dubious parrot.

Being four, you are allowed to change your mind at very last minute about what you would like to dress as for World Book Day....leaving your mum only an hour to make a sword, buckles, treasure and parrot (yep, I know it looks more like a fish with legs)

Friday, 1 March 2013

Next Step Sock Knit-a-long

I'm not sure if you can sense the excitement in my voice.....but guess what?

I've finished a sock........and not just one sock........

.......two socks.......that's the beauty of doing two at a time you see!

So there we have it, I've done it, made toe-up-two-at-a-time socks and they fit like a dream, thank goodness, as I'm not planning on making anymore in a hurry!!  (You know this is probably like child birth and I'll be announcing plans to make another pair next month!)

The pattern was easy enough, not having attempted any of these methods before, its rather like magic as the socks start to form while your busy looking the other way.  I was rather surprised when someone mentioned the magic loop, that, that was what I was doing apparently.  I knitted them using 2.25mm needles and Regia sock yarn.  The pattern is Twisted Baskets from the Melissa Morgan-Oakes book .

I'm linking up with the rest of the knit-a-longers over at Crafts from the Cwtch...check out all the clever clogs over there!

Anyway....this welsh girl wants to wish you all a Happy Saint David's Day.....for those of you in the dark, 1st March is the day that we Welshies celebrate our patron Saint, St.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi  Hapus!