Sunday, 29 January 2012

Year of Projects 29.01.12

Well, this week hasn't been a massive progression kinda week....but it has been a satisfying week!

I haven't done a great deal on the shawl, and actually it grows incredibly quickly, so I must have committed very little time.  The pattern is very pretty already, but will look so much better when it is blocked.

This is what has taken my attention away from the shawl. 

The pattern is called Terra , a hooded sweater, and it has been a good learning opportunity for me.  Shortly after starting I got into a huge mess where I dropped a stitch, tried to correct it and made an even bigger after a lot of huffing and puffing and a little deliberation, I decided to start again fully, but this time went the whole hog and taught myself continental knitting, this meant a lot less hassle and quicker progress.....I am still on a steep learning curve but I'm enjoying the climb!  I also learnt a new method of casting check me out!

Anyway, enough about about you?  How are you progressing? 

To check out other people's Year of Projects work see the ravelry group page.

As always, thanks in advance for all your support.....any advise greatly appreciated, my woes are only just beginning with my new sweater as it is a much bigger project than I've attempted before and looking at others details on their Terra jumpers, the outcomes are not always consistent!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

Since the new year, I've tried to post this earlier in the week, but here I am squeezing it in on a Saturday again!  Today,  I am linking up with Planet Penny with my

Reasons to be Cheerful

First reason?  It is a beautiful, sunny morning and this is the view of the calm waters outside my back door, its cold, crisp and blue-skyed......what could be be better?

Secondly, I have been given a Liebster award by Planet Penny, but have to admit to being totally lazy to mention awards, as before Christmas I was also given this award by Stocki, Hazel's Crochet, All4meggymoo, The Green Dragonfly and Tea at Weasels.

Do you know.... the blogging world never fails to make me cheerful, I have had my mind opened to new ideas, been inspired to push myself further and been treated to more than a few giggles.  These bloggers above, are all truly lovely ladies, whose blogs I love to read and be challenged by, so to be given an award by them makes me feel very special (most people who know me in real life would say I am a bit....well....'special'!)  I know that a lot of the brilliant blogs that I read, have also been  recipients of this award and I am at a bit of a loss as to know who to award, without inadvertently leaving someone out..........soooo..........can you hear the cop-out coming......

Please take a look along my blogroll, and if you see a new place you've not been to before, give it a try.....I've nosied around a few times, clicking on people's side bars and where the road goes nobody knows!  I have to say, rather annoyingly, I have sometimes found somewhere nice but never got back there again! 

This is turning out a little longer than I normally whitter on for, but don't want to leave out my last reason for being cheerful.....and that is......... I've learnt to knit continental style. 

I've recently started knitting a sweater for myself, which has a lot of moss stitch (seed stitch). Knitters will know this is knit1, purl1,  a lot of throwing the wool and pretty tedious. I was toying with the idea of re-learning, but thought my tension would change, however after making a mistake which meant ripping back and that going wrong too (oh, dear, you know those times, when something happens, you try to rectify it and then it just gets worse....) I decided to start again totally. I even learnt a new method of casting on...who knew??

So it is a little slow, but I am already finding a pace and I think it is quicker than my 'English' style moss stitch.....I am a little smug, I can tell you and keep telling my unimpressed hubby to look at my knitting.....bless him too!

Anyway, if you reached the bottom of my ramblings you'll probably be needing a cuppa by now!

Please do check out Planet Penny's place and maybe even join in too, with your

Reasons to be cheerful!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

One a day (which day?)

It is still Tuesday?

Well, if I use the excuse that I missed the day, I will never get back to it........ so,I'm late I know.....but enthusiastic!

So I actually finished my last one-a-day project (which came in the shape of a sunnyspread blanket) in November and then did some Christmas presents, but I am back in earnest now with a WIP blanket, here on in known as the boring blanket.

I actually started this when I first learnt to crochet...I was young, naive and a little wet behind the ears!  I soon realised I had no staying power and was drawn into quick crochet flings, promising bright colours, quick fixes, no commitment.........

So I am back, admitting I've done wrong and wanting to put things right.

This week I have done five hexagons and actually found since my crochet has improved they didn't take too long (although I still haven't learnt to sew my ends in!)  I will probably end up doing two a day I should think.

So here comes the maths, I have done 89   hexagons so far, with 5 added this week that makes 94 and I think I need ......well, lets not think about it, as that is why it become the boring blanket a year ago!

To see other people's one a day projects, pop on over to  gingerbread girl's blog.

In other news, I have discovered that knitting is not quite like riding a bike.  As I've previously mentioned, I have got it stuck in my head to knit a jumper, and today, I began!  Funny how it didn't come naturally at all and it took some time to remember I needed to reposition the yarn to my brain works, I have been looking this evening at continental knitting thinking that if I could get my head around it, it would probably sit better with my crocheting position, particularly as I am a yarn grabber.  Anyone have a preference?  Wish me luck as knitting is maybe not my forte!  But I'm very determined!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Year of projects 22.01.12

I must admit to being a little out of focus this week......I have no 'pressing' projects.........and I feel like I'm wasting time a little.  It is not often, of recent, that you would find me without a crochet project on the go.

This week I went into the LYS to get some inspiration......bad idea!

I didn't come out with any inspiration, but I did come out with four balls of fingering weight wool/acrylic mix.  I didn't have a project in mind and am not really a long-haul project kinda gal,so four-ply was bizarre to say the least!

Anyhoo..........I started randomly making a blanket.......and then realised I was loosing the plot rather, so had a rethink...... and today...........well I started a shawl.....much more like it I think you'll find!

I've also decided that if I am going to complete my YOP list I need to address the boring blanket.....long ago started............long ago given up on!  I do like it, but it is going to take forever to do, so I think I will make it my One a Day....(atleast)

(A pretty poor picture, but the light has gone and the photographer has no photography skills!)

So....that about sums it up.....all ideas of knitting jumpers have gone out of the window until I have the right yarn for the job!

To catch up with other people's YOP work....take a look here.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

Well, somewhat later in the week than I anticipated, I am joining in with Planet Penny's

Reasons to be Cheerful

Littlest started part-time school on Monday and he has soooo enjoyed his week.

A huge bundle of unwanted yarn from my generous Mum......there is loads of it ........ all different colours and types......where do I start!

Some lovely new china, also from my Mum....this is Nicholas Mosse spongeware lovely!

I am truly blessed with so much!  I am ever cheerful and ever thankful!

Also to add to my reasons for being cheerful, I should add that Chester is now a normal looking puppy again.......last night, while backs were turned and naughty little beagle puppies were up to no good, a certain Chester made a teeny-tiny hole in our collie dog's food bag........the first I knew was seeing a puppy who looked like he had swallowed a beach ball....

After much stress (me), pacing up and down with said pup and barfing (pup) (I wonder if barfing is a universal word) barking but with more substance (sorry, so wrong I know) Chester is literally half the dog he was last night....thank goodness indeed!

Anyhoo......quickly moving on.......if you would like to see other people's reasons for being cheerful this week, please check out Planet Penny's post here......and why don't you join in to!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Year of projects 15.01.12

Well here we are again, Sunday update for my Year of Projects

As hoped, I've finished my blackberry salad stripe which I gave to my friend this morning for her new baby boy. I made a small car seat/pram sized blanket....hopefully small but perfectly formed.

I am very pleased with the end result as it was squishy and warm, everything a blanket should be!

Can I go a little overboard with pics?

Right....swiftly moving on......a question for the knitters. I can knit a bit and in fact it was starting back at knitting, making a cardigan for my friend's little girl, that brought me very nicely to crochet, and I'm forever grateful!

Anyhow, I'm wandering a little aren't I?

I have some Sirdar Juniper, not entirely sure how much, as my mum thinks she has more at home. My question is, I've been itching to knit myself something hooded, I rather like this but it calls for super chunky, which I don't think mine is (the details say USA 11 and my ball band says USA 10.5 is that a huge difference?) and to be honest this part of things is a bit foreign to me. The other projects with Juniper, did not appeal.....

Anyway....if someone who is clever on the maths front understands my issue and has the answer, I would be very grateful to be let in on the secret....also if anyone knows of a lovely hooded jumper that is not beyond the ability of a knitting crocheter then suggest away!

Thank you for your continuing help and encouragement, it's all much appreciated!

If you would like to see other YOP work, check out the group page on ravelry.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Reasons to be cheerful!

Routine? What's that? I know I used to have one, but somewhere just around Christmas I must have misplaced it, because we are now half way through January and I'm far from back in the swing of things. Littlest started part time school yesterday and yes....we have a puppy!

I've been enjoying doing something a bit different on the crochet front, making a few squares for Jill from Stocki, this is for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket that I told you about last week. It's been nice trying something different, a quick fix on the satisfaction front. Do check out this brilliant idea, you still have time to add your squares in and have a chance to win the final blanket, the closing date is January 31st.

You know that list of most stressful things..... you know.....divorce, buying a house....tell me...... where does house training a pup come on that? Don't get me wrong, Chester is a fun and cute family member, but boy did I not realise how upside-down he would turn everything!

Second reason for being cheerful we have knocked a week off the time needed to toilet train a mischievous beagle pup!

As I said, routine has gone out of the window and even the 'taken for granted' time I used to have for baking, has disappeared. I'm an old fashioned kinda gal and take seriously cooking and baking for my family. This morning, out of nowhere I found some time.............. and baking occurred!

I've just been for a quick peek, and I am not too late to join in PlanetPenny's

Reasons to be Cheerful

Why don't you  join in too with your reasons for feeling cheerful!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Year of projects

I forget what week I am on, but it is probably best not to know!

I feel I'm making decent progress on my list, although this could be due to picking some of the easier projects to be getting on with! I will add some more this week in all probability, so time to nick be inspired by some other people's clever ideas!

I am currently working on a blanket for a friend's new baby, the pattern taken from moogly's blackberry salad stripe blanket on Ravelry. Lovely easy pattern which rather than doing in the cotton suggested, I'm doing in good old Stylecraft acrylic for ease of washing and drying (a big consideration when you have a small babe and two other littlies.) It's a fairly slow make, not sure why, but I should be finished by mid-week and then onto the next thing!

On the pup front, said Puppy now has a name very fitting to the handsome young beagle he is. On the suggestion of Grateful 4 crochet he is going to be called Chester. Apparently when hubby was a little lad he, and a friend's dog Chester, were a mischievous duo, so Chester it is then! It's funny how a lot of you suggested things we had on our list, but just couldn't all agree on.

Anyway, back to YOP work, to see other fellow blogger's progress, please see here.

Thanks for your constant inspirations........Faithx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reasons to be cheerful!

I'm hoping I'm not too late....although I'm definitely cutting it fine.  Despite my lateness, I haven't been racking my brains for

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have been too busy being cheerful to blog!

I have a blanket on the go! My favourite thing to do as you all know!  This one is for a new little baby boy, Kester, born just a few days ago.

The second thing I don't have a picture for, but it is the light streaming through the windows (and my house isn't too dusty for a change) I'm not one who suffers in the dark winter months, but the sunshine streaming through the window is great for the soul!

The third and maybe the most exciting one is that we are getting one of these.

This is our new beagle puppy who we are going to collect in an hour and a half........I am quietly excited and nervous all rolled into one!  He still doesn't have a name, we have a long list, but can't agree......any ideas?

I have so much running through my mind and haven't found time to blog at all.......please check out Jill's (from Stocki) Beautiful Blogger Blanket.  It is a simply brilliant idea that I can't wait to get going on (I know.....I know I must get on with it) .....its all about blankets, so you know I'm in don't you?!  Why don't you join in too, the closing date is 31st January.

Anyway.......I'm certainly very cheerful about that too.....why don't you pop over to PlanetPenny and join in the fun and spread some cheerfulness too.