Thursday, 27 March 2014


Well, for a moment there, I was quite convincing, "I've made more than enough shawls", "I've got lots of other projects already started", "I haven't got any yarn that really lends itself for this", "There's house work to do"............

Hhhhhmmmmm.............see, you were pretty convinced weren't you?

I finished my Sunny Days Shawlette and within a couple of hours, I was downloading the pattern and looking at my woolly shelves.........

So I've made a start, but haven't had much time to actually knit, so I'm on ten loops, which may stay that way into next week as its a busy weekend ahead with biggest boy's eleventh birthday, bowling, eating cake, singing, get the picture.

Oh....but this is a lovely knit.....glad I joined in!

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So last week, I cast off my Sunny Days Shawlette and within hours I found myself pressing download on the pattern and 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Year of projects - 23.03.14

I've been meaning to do a post about my makes for a couple of weeks, but as you can see, it didn't quite happen.

My temperature blanket is on going, I must not rest on my laurels though, as I will find myself with a back-log of 'days' to catch up on.  It does seem that the weather has brightened a lot, so it doesn't look like I'm going to get any freak lows (dark blues) unless I make them up!

My wonderful hubby on his return from South Africa, well trained that he is, came back with two beautifully hand-dyed skeins of Merino...and a shawl pattern to go what more could a woman ask for....he knows what makes me smile!

I finished the shawl yesterday and blocked it overnight.  It's a simple small triangular shawl called Sunny Days Shawlette, designed by Carle' Dehning. The shawl was made in her own Nuturing Fibres yarn in a blue/purple/turquoise colourway. I used a darker blue for a couple of garter stitch rows at the end to accentuate the design.

I'm not sure I had the whole of the pattern, as there had to be a bit of guess work at the end, but I'm pleased with the shawl, and the simple design sets of the colours perfectly.

A few weeks ago, obviously when I was feeling a little chillier, I decided to make myself a Capucine, a lovely hat with bags of space for a big haired lady like myself!  The design is worked from the rim up, and unfortunately that was my undoing!  There's a lot to be said for something you can try on as you go....mine ended up being pretty big (even for me and my hair!).  I have still got a pom-pom to put on and some plaits at the sides, but with the sudden cheeriness in the weather, I think it may well wait for another season.

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to a new knitted teddy, the library book that I got the pattern from, also had some clothes, so I whipped up a hooded cardi for him to keep warm, (and to cover up those squonky ears!)

One last make, from a few weeks ago, was littlest boy's World Book Day costume.......its always the boys' choice, and this year, littlest said he wanted to be The Gingerbread Man (thankgoodness not too difficult!)

I was rather pleased with my more methodical approach and the finished costume.  I made this with a cheap fleece blanket, and plenty of is now in use as a warm onesie for bedtime.....I'm tempted to make one for myself!

Anyway....I'm on to the next thing......another shawl wouldn't you know!  I couldn't stop myself, although I made a concerted effort for a while there.  I've decided to join in Sarah's (Crafts from the Cwtch) knit-a-long......more about that next week!

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Wild West

I thought I'd share a few photos of the boys half term hols, all spent at home, and mostly at the beach it would appear!

I'm glad to say that the weather has been glorious for the past few days, very welcome after a few too many blastings of stormy weather.  We (the boys and I) have spent three weeks home alone while my hubby has been holidaying in the town he was born in, Fish Hoek, South Africa....happily he is home now, having had a fabulous time, and missing the worst of the storms.  The local builder looked after us well, and nearly all has been put back to rights.

The things that can't be put back so easily are our beautiful beauty.....different...

One morning, quite by chance, the boys and I happened to discover a new world, this is our closest beach, a small cove a stone's throw from our house, hidden down a set of steep steps.

The children spent a long time running through it all...'it's just like wonderland!'......I fooled a few, with my photos, into thinking we had had a freak snow storm....but no, those ferocious winds and stormy seas had made a beach filled with salty walking on clouds!

Another walk later on in the week, took us along the coast path, evidence of the storms was everywhere.

The path leads down to a  small beach which sits below the jetty from the refinery....the boys dragged all the detritus laying about, to make boats and dens.

Chester joined in the effort!

The holidays were pretty chokka with meeting up with friends, swimming lessons, soft play, housework, walking....ooh and a disco in a waterpark!

Our last trip of the week, to the same beach in the first few photos, showed us different scenes again.  I haven't got to hand photos of this beach just recently.....before the storms

Actually....Ive just found this one on my picassa album, this is the beach as we know it, with sand.....

.....and without's hard to comprehend how much the level of the beach has dropped by....the sand washed away, exposing the reef below.

This last picture was one of those 'by chance' moments.....the littlest boy hotfooting away from the waves which were running after him.....magical!