Friday, 24 May 2013

Wednesday walk

This Wednesday was a day for, because my hubby said he would take the boys to school and two, because I had a bit of a flap.  In September, we have signed up for a The Brecon Mountain Trail Challenge, which is a twenty or thirty mile walk up a range of mountains in Mid-Wales.  I quietly thought, 'that's fine, I can get fit by then' and then I had a sudden panic, what if I just couldn't do it!

So out I went, dog, water, camera, pedometer and Ipod and hit the coast path.  The day started off grey and a bit cold, but half way around I was stripping off and getting a little hot under the collar.

The flowers were out in force and having my camera to hand meant a good excuse to stop and take a breather  photo.

Banks of colour

(I have to admit to being fairly happy that there were many reasons to stop to take a photo)

I clocked about seven miles, so a little way to go to reach the twenty I will do on the big day....but I'm on my way!

This beach is a bit of a locals' secret, it's not easy to get to, and so doesn't tend to be found by the tourists ;-)

A wreck?

These towers are used for guiding the boats in....although there is also a lighthouse just around the corner too....I'm imagining that these conduct some kind of signal(?)

So this is not the first walk, as Chester and I walk every day, but this is the first effort to atleast start heading in the right direction....wish me luck (and any tips for building my stamina for uphill walking)

Tomorrow, we are all jetting off to foreign lands (England) to visit my sister for a couple of days......sooooo excited I can't tell you!

Be back next week to catch up with knitting....there has been some!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Any other businesss......

Soooo...its been a long convincing excuses......just you'll be lumbered now with a very picture heavy post....if you lose the will to carry on at any time during the next....ahem....hundred or so pictures....I am well....I am busy...but I hope to get some normality back in my blogging!

Look blue-skies.........

The smell of flowering sister says it's just like custard creams!

A day out at a local National Trust garden...littlest boy tired right from the beginning

Funny how all my boys like to pose for my blog (their suggestions, not mine)!

Toasting marshmallows on the campfire

 Over a river on a rope swing

The walled garden

Cat in a tree

Wild garlic....mmmmm.....


I first spotted this swan a month or so ago, but haven't had my camera with takes me right back to a book I read when I was kid....'Lord of the rushie river'...must hunt it out again.

A new walking spot

Setting off.

A new member to our family, who did just about the whole walk with us and then made their way name on his collar, just his chip no. so the boys christened him Chip and he took a shine to our fluffier collie  Ned.

I've been making too....plodding on with my wedding blanket and I've made a set of curtains (here) and a sprung roller blind (the least said about that the better!)

So there we have it ...there are more things, but that 's the abridged version!

Ooooh, I've missed this!  Speak soon.x