Sunday, 26 February 2012

Year of projects 26.02.12

I have been knitting like a mad thing today when I could, as I was desperate to show a photo slightly further on than I am.....but with family moaning (well, just hubby actually) and light fading I've had to leave it here.

Actually, when I laid it out to take the photo it looked a little better than I expected.  I am currently doing the hood which is taking forever, but as I have a mahusive head, I don't want to scrimp on it!  I have also started a I am getting there!  This week I did my three needle bind off, which was easy-peasy, I was a little scared as it sounded complicated, but actually it was (directed by youtube) no problem at all.  The sweater is really taking shape now.....hopefully my I am still a bit worried it is a little on the small side.....I have come up with a solution though, I am going to go on a major crash diet to make it fit.......if I stop eating may fit me in a few months.

It has been a glorious weekend the weather has been beautiful, making everything seem do-able.  We have fitted in two lovely beach at a beach about five minutes away.  Last year in the early autumn there was a film set here shooting parts of the film 'Snow White and the Huntsman' could the the Hollywood stars who spent a few days here not be touched by the beautiful landscapes of my county.......yep, I am a very proud Welsh girly!

Anyway.....bedtime for three tired boys and two sandy dogs....after that I will enjoy sitting down to read about all my fellow blogger's progression on their Year of Projects work

Friday, 24 February 2012

Reasons to be cheerful.....

Well, here I am, linking up with Planet Penny for the last time for a while with my

Reasons to be Cheerful!

As the weather is beginning to show signs of improving, the reasons for being cheerful are maybe more obvious....not so hard to think of.  I have to say the weather has been drab and rainy around here, but saying that it is lighter for longer and definitely think spring and what do you think of......

These are our first arrivals for 2012, twin lambs born yesterday..and another set of twins has come since. 

We sold most of our flock last year, so we only have 40 old girls due to lamb this year, and most of them will at least have twins, maybe some trips among them too, but being scanned so late made it hard to decipher. 

Our sheep are a unusual breed in that they shed their own fleece so therefore no need to shear....although the yarny lovers among you might be horrified at this idea, shearing is an expensive job with little return, wool production takes the nutrients to the wool not to the ewe's milk, and our ewes don't suffer with some of the horrible problems that woolly sheep do.

I love to see the lambs, this particular breed has thrifty lambs which stand very quickly to feed, and grow fast.....they will soon enough be out, running around the field worrying their frantic mums!

I have done loads of cooking and baking this week as we have had lots of family gatherings....I find the whole process of baking sooooo good for the soul.....the aroma of the above cake and a batch of blondies is filling our kitchen as I type......yummy!

I've finally sent off my squares for Stocki's Beautiful Bloggers Blanket.

You still have time to join in too if you're a fast crocheter........

Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed my taking part in the Reason's to be Cheerful each week....much thanks to Planet Penny for hosting it each week and bringing such cheeriness to our wintery days. 

Please do know that I will continue to be cheerful!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Year of projects 19.02.12

Well this is coming rather later in the day than I intended, but then if you could see how many plates I am spinning at the moment, you'd be seriously impressed!

So anyway, I've still not finished my sweater, but I am slowly getting there. The actual knitting process is not the slow bit, it's making the mistakes and ripping them back again!

I did correct a mistake where I had miscounted and now any real fears about the jumper being two short at the neck have been put to rights.

Anyway, I have sleeves and hood to do and the painful sewing it all together, not sure what I am dreading more, the sewing up, or the moment of truth when I try it on and it's too small?

Not being a knitter, should I block the bits before sewing up, as at the moment it is very curly?

I also have to find out what a three needle bind off is.....should I be scared?

Well, my super clever boy has made hot cross bun and butter pudding for supper, so I'd better shoot off.....thanks as ever for all your lovely comments and helpful tips, I so enjoy to hear from you and see what you are up to as well.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

Is it just me......or are things on the change?  I am sure I am not the only one to have felt the weight of indifference on my shoulders.......lack of motivation.......general slugishness.......of course, if it is just me then you'll be happy to read I'm announcing a full-stop!  I'm not saying I've overnight turned into a cover model for some health and vitality magazine, or that I am about to be awarded 'Inspiration Guru of 2012'.....just that I feel a spark of anticipation.....not sure for what.....but hey, better than feeling lack-lustre.... un-sparkly!

Anyway, before I completely lose you.........I'm linking up with Planet Penny  on the penultimate....

Reasons to be Cheerful

The weather has not been amazing this school hols, and actually as I type it is grey and rainy.......but on one of the nicer days this week, the boys, my mum and I went to feed the swans.  After we came away, we passed many groups walking to where we had come from, laden with bags of bread.

(look at that huge wing just out of shot)

I have just acquired this lovely long shelf from my Mum and now have the perfect space to fit (some) of my fabrics and yarn..........there are boxes of things tucked away too, but this gives me something to be going along with.  I do wonder if the recent spate of putting things away and organising has helped clear my mind a little too.

My third reason is that after holidaying for ten weeks in S.Africa, my in-laws are returning home (ssshhhhh....don't tell them about the weather!).  There will be a big family get together which we are hosting at our house, with the chance to hear all their news.  I love reason to look through cook books, plan courses and buy ingredients....not sure about the major clean-up that will come with it though!  Maybe if I start now, I'll get some of it done........

If you want to see other Reasons for being Cheerful, why don't you head on over to Planet Penny's place!

Also, wanted to say a big thank you for your lovely supportive comments on my last post, you are all a lovely, wise old lot!

And to finish off..... (d'you know I just had a flashback to a school teacher who said you can't start a sentence with an 'And' and she was probably right!)........thanks so much to Whistle Stop Crochet, My House in Africa, Little things made with Love, Vintage Homespun, Hazel's Crochet and Stocki who all awarded me a Versatile Blogger award.........

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

So here I am (maybe even ahead of myself this week) joining in with Planet Penny's

Reasons to be Cheerful

It feels quite obvious to me that it is the last week of this half term, and next week the boys will all be home, and our time will be our sometimes I spend  two hours a day in the car, doing school runs, I will be glad of the break!

Chester is becoming a real welcome member of our family and on all  most occasions he makes me smile! (he loves to have his photo taken and always 'strikes a pose'....he also, in answer to Marigold's question, gets on very well with the farm Collie, fact Ned even budges up sometimes and makes room in his bed for Chester!)

So, I saw a lovely cake on the ever talented Country Rose's blog and I thought I would research it a little I followed the link here, and found this beautiful blog with inspirational cakes....and I got a little carried away in how advanced I thought my cake making abilities were.  I didn't stop there, I made it vertically striped (on the inside) too.....and that was sensational.......well would have been if I had been a gifted baker like the one on the blog.  Thankfully  I love to eat cakes almost as much as I love to bake cakes, but I am more talented at the former.

This week has been a tough one for my family, but especially for my sister....after a week in hospital, many horrible tests and deteriorating health, my sister has been diagnosed with MS........she said she knew, I was obviously in complete denial as the rug was certainly pulled out from under me.  I don't shout about what I believe, but at times like these I am thankful I have a God in whom I put my hope and trust......... I know that sometimes despite desperately not wanting something to happen and praying determinedly that it won't.......sometimes it just does.......I don't know why......

'But those who trust the Lord will find new strength.  They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired.'

I hope that you have found things to make you happy or grateful this week.....maybe pop on over to Planet Penny's blog and read other people's may well inspire you to join in too!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Year of projects 5.2.12

Well I am continuing my climb up that big learning slope and I'm feeling a little euphoric about how far I've come, but also a little scared to look at the view off the edge.

Truth be known, I keep looking at it and thinking, I reckon the size is totally wrong, but I'm actually too scared to offer it up as if it looks ridiculously small,  I WILL cry!

I have no idea what I'm doing a lot of the time and have got this far on a wing and a prayer. I have however come up with a solution, if it doesn't fit, I will hold a spectacular blog giveaway.....what d'ya reckon?  Fancy your luck at winning a slightly too small jumper with no sleeves..............

It has been an odd kind of week, and not in good way,  but we at least finished it off in the best way.

A walk along the beach to blow away all the cobwebs and to vent a little steam.....also a proper walk for Chester who is now properly covered by his vaccs.

This is what makes me ridiculously proud to be Welsh.........

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

One a day (a habit is forming)

I have to apologise that I have yet again missed the day......maybe next week I will get it right!

So my one(but hopefully two) a day progress has been on track.

I've done 14 this week, added to my total last week of  94,  makes 108.  Actually, making the hexagons isn't as bad as I remember it, so maybe the blanket will eventually get finished!

(Anyone with any photo tips, I would like to be able to photograph this without the red 'glaring' and also, one of the other yarns I'm using (not in this pic) has a sparkly thread running through it, which won't ever show, what can I do with a fairly basic camera to make this show?)

Well, winter has really hit us in our corner of Wales, and I quickly took this pic outside my back door this morning on my return  from the school run. This water is brackish (fresh water and sea water mixed) so parts of it are frozen.....that bird out there is impressing his swimming friends I reckon....'hey, look at me!'

Anyway, if you would like to see my fellow one-a-dayer's projects take a look at Gingerbread Girl's blog.