Tuesday, 22 November 2016

..and sew on....

Last year, about the middle of November, I decided I was going to make a 'skirt' for our Christmas tree, I had a pretty good idea, how I wanted it to look, so being the highly experienced sewer that I am (hhhhmmmm....) I bought lots of bits of pretty fabrics and started hacking  cutting and sewing.  I soon realised that although I had applied some maths to my pattern, I really had no idea what I was doing and within a few days my enthusiasm was nil and the skirt was in a project bag underneath lots of things that had suddenly become more appealing!

I'm not entirely sure that I approached the project this year with any better knowledge, or even a pattern, but somehow, grim stubbornness has allowed me to make something that is getting there (not without a few small tantrums and big headaches).   I have no clue what I will do next...but even if it's just straightening up the edges, throwing it under the tree and piling the presents on top, it feels like going forward 😉

I've finished off the second baby mini-blanket, I do like lots of bright colours, especially as it's been rather grey around here....we've had our fair share of rain over the past few days, it always seems to me,  that I'm a day behind on my choice of clothing for dog walking, yesterday was a perfect example...and then today's choice was way off!

Thanks for the good wishes for the job interview, I haven't heard back and I'm not sure I interviewed that well really, there is being relaxed about the outcome and appearing unprepared, I fear I may have come across as the latter....ah, well...as I said I'm incredibly blessed and happy with what I have.....

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New Things

There have been lots of new things recently... I definitely feel a bit like I'm reflecting more....good or bad I'm not sure!  

This afternoon, I will be going to an interview for a Library assistant.  I haven't worked in this sort of environment for 13 years, although I realised when I came to put my CV together, I've actually done a lot of things which are definitely relevant.  I feel sure that if it is the right thing, it will all work out, otherwise I will not stress about it.

On the crochet front, I've been doing ripples, this one for a brand new baby boy (and I have a more girlified one on the hook as well)  These have been my go-tos when the boys have had various things to be at.

I've been going along to a running group on a Wednesday night, I'm pretty much the slowest there, but I smile all the way home (not so much when I'm actually running!)

This last weekend, I did a 10k with the running hubby and middle boy (I whined all the way around as it was hilly, muddy and puddly and I found it sooo hard!) but I did it and was smiling at the end!

(there was a huge hill at the end, which I had already decided at the beginning I was going to walk!)

At Christmas, I did a painting of the daughter of a  friend, taken from a photograph of her when she was working for a charity in Durban, South Africa.  Then a few weeks ago, I heard about a colouring book being produced by a children's charity in Kenya to raise funds, this painting immediately came to mind and I thought I'd see how it worked.

A few days later, I heard back that they liked the picture and hopefully will use it in their book.  I am so pleased, as it seemed so right to me.  The charity is called Rafiki Mwema (Loyal Friend in Swahili) and they look after both boys and girls who have had unimaginable experiences, supporting them and helping them to rebuild lives....an amazing work!

Lastly...not leastly...some knitting.  These (there is a pair, but impossible to photograph without another pair of hands) are a pair of wrist warmers made for a Christmas gift swap.  So quick to make and lovely yarn that I hadn't used before.  The yarn is Louisa Harding and I bought the ball when we were on holiday in the Cotswolds.

I discovered a lovely yarn shop (it's a knack you know!) in Chipping Norton, The Fibreworks, small but perfectly formed, offering lots of beautiful yarns and crafting classes to boot.  The lovely lady on the desk even allowed me to sign-into her wifi so that I could open my ravelry account and find out what I needed (I needed everything of course, but restrained myself to one ball!)

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Birthday walk

So...a few photos from my big birthday day out.  I had a lovely birthday, the boys were in school so hubby and I planned a nice long walk along the coast path and a picnic.  The sky was blue and the day was just perfect.  

We walked a section that we haven't been to before, the coast path here spans 186 miles...all beautiful.  We are truly blessed!  

The real treat was stopping above one of the small coves which can't be reached by foot and seeing seals and their pups sheltering there.  The noise of the seals calling was quite something....really loud, in fact it stopped me in my tracks to see what it was.

Chester spent the day with us to...he is more keen than the boys to go for long walks!  It was a really wonderful day, over too quickly of course, but memorable and just the right way to mark a birthday in my opinion!

We've definitely been getting out in the mild dry autumn days.  During the school holidays we visited the Cotswolds in our caravan.  We've not been there before and it was a lovely introduction to an area that definitely needs more discovering.  The trees were what took my breath away, but the little chocolate-box villages were beautiful too...(I even found a lovely wool shop...bonus!)

It was lovely to go somewhere new and potter around.  Our caravan holidays always turn out to be super-relaxed, lots of sitting, reading, eating and chatting.  We did do a bit of walking, but honestly it was more about relaxing and not having to be anywhere else....just what we all needed!

I actually have lots of pictures and news to put on here....but it will have to wait...there's been reading, crocheting, knitting, drawing, running....gosh, it has been a busy few weeks!