Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Coldplay - come to my house for tea?

So today is the day before my big birthday....I know that I've been somewhat more reflective over the past few weeks and I'm sure it is no coincidence!

I rather thought I should have announced a big list of things that I was going to do before this birthday, but maybe it makes sense to look forward to all the things I am going to do, now I've reached this age :-)

I've always been one for dreaming big and have  talked about it here before.  I'm actually of the opinion that there is probably not many things that you can't dream for.  For instance, I love to bake and cook and I've always thought I'd quite like to have Coldplay come and stay at our house for a weekend, kick back, relax and enjoy some good welsh cooking :-)  I'm a huge Coldplay fan and this year finally managed to get tickets to one of their arena gigs.

It was by far and above the best thing ever!  In fact, I'm incredibly blessed as we've tried to get tickets for some years previously and never had any luck, but now this summer we went and my wonderful hubby has bought us tickets for next year too!

Call me delusional but I think there is no good reason for me not to believe that one day Coldplay may actually come around to my house, play my piano, eat at my supper table and go for a walk to the beach just behind our house..... ( I don't think that I am a 'scary' fan ;-) )... I just think 'Why Not?'

(Of course, I should go on to say, that if this should ever happen, I wouldn't tell y'all, as Coldplay would probably never come back to tea at my house again, which would be really disappointing ;-) )

My dreams for this coming year are going to be bigger and better

First dream....then dream a bit bigger, I'm telling you that you will do more, see more, achieve more when you dream big....