Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Man V. Food

If you have an aversion to gluttony.....or if the sight of greediness makes you quake with rage....look away now.

Living in a house of boys, I am often subjected to can be painful for me on occasion.....maybe that is why I like pink and sparkly things so block out the boy-stuff-overload.

All my boys (hubby included) have a fascination with the American TV programme Man V. Food......if you haven't seen it....maybe give it a miss.

Well, my hubby has always been a connoisseur of burgers, but last weekend he took it to a whole other level, when he decided to do a Man v. Food challenge


Four half-pounder beef burgers, packet of streaky bacon, portion of beef-chilli, mushrooms, onion rings, cheese and a big roll loaf to put it all in.

Assembled in a scientific-way

 You'd think this would be more than enough already.....but oh, no......forgot the chilli.....

Need I say more?  Have you run for the hills yet?

And afterwards.......

I hasten to add that my hubby is normally a more considered eater......I think it was a one-off personal challenge....although actually he got to the last tiny morsel and the food maybe it will re-occur just to prove his MAN-liness

The very same hubby celebrated his birthday yesterday....and on the menu?  A burger cake of course....which he still had a healthy appetite for.

The cake went down a treat, complete with butter-icing 'ketchup' and royal icing 'cheese'

Like father, like son!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Year of projects - 28.10.12

Well, as you can see, I have finally finished Oor-Flap Muts, modelled here by my biggest boy.

I used Sirdar Click with wool (aran weight) and used just over a skein of each colour, which as it was in the bargain bucket in my LYS, I feel it was money well its very cosy for the cold weather that seems to have landed in these here parts.

As it is Brioche knitting, it is fully reversible, a two sided thick and toasty fabric.

The light in the photos is maybe not the best for seeing the project at its clearest, however, I couldn't stop taking pictures as my biggest boy looks so beautiful in the light from the fire......maybe beautiful isn't a word that should be used about a boy....but he's just that....set to break a few hearts I think!

Biggest boy is not the only one enjoying the fire....we call this pose upside-down-head....I think it means she's relaxed!

Right, better get going on boy's bedtimes, which are a little later than normal but as its the start of the half-term hols tomorrow (YIPPEE!) that's not too important.

Looking forward to catching up with y'all....have a great week.x

Friday, 26 October 2012

Left behind......

So biggest boy and hubby have gone on a cub scout sleepover....where does that leave me......?

Ummmm....knitting....crochet....unread magazine....tea.....crisps...dips....roaring fire................

Hhhhmmmm....I think I may cope.......

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Year of projects - 21.10.12

Well, being Sunday, it's the time for my progress report....and despite achieving a few new goals, I don't really have anything spectacular to show.

This is my  start on Oor Flap Muts....I won't lie....I'm afraid there's been a lot of holding my breath and..... ashamedly..... some swearing.  The ear flaps (oor flaps) were a relative breeze, ooh, and I learnt how to knit i-cord ....but making the hat with a two-colour Italian cast-on off the pre-made ear flaps, was fairly dreadful, and getting the first row into the cast-on was like nothing else.....but I made it out the other side unscathed!

Because it is brioche knitting, it is totally really quite clever.

That's it for YOP related work....I am chuntering along with a few other things, but they aren't really project work.

We went out for a glorious walk late this afternoon, I took loads of photos to try and catch the colours, but it was sooo hard.  The evening sun just made everything glow, and I even did a little tree-hugging which I've become accustomed to on a weekend.  Some of the trees were totally moss-covered and were so soft to touch.  

And just to finish, these are the legs of middle who represented his school in a county cross country running competition....he did well.....and he got pretty muddy too!

Hope that you've all had good weeks, thank you so much for your constant encouragement and general 'loveliness'....its like having your own personal cheerleading team....much appreciated!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wrapped up in blankets

I've never hidden the fact that my great love in life is making I'm making one (or a few!) I am thinking about the next one.

I like them baby sized, keeping warm sized, king sized.......I just can't get enough of them.

I love to make them for gifts, knowing something I've crafted, is  keeping someone warm.

I thought I would share the new, the newish and then the 'should have been finished ages ago' blankets in my life at the moment....yep, there is more than one of them!

This is my newest blanket........this is going to be a Christmas present, and if I can really get on with it, I may make two for my nephews.

I totally fell in love with the idea of this blanket when I saw Emily's ( Unravelled) gorgeous blanket that she made for her son.  Her blanket is what caught my eye, if I had seen the original I think it would have passed me by.  I think I was first to comment on her tah-dah post and said that's my next blanket!

In the words of my cleverest crocheting friend I have reverse-engineered rather than bought the book, so mine will not be as perfectly formed as Emily's stunning blanket, but hopefully a little blocking and 'all will be alright on the night'.

Next up is my Little Woollie CAL blanket.

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this is a dream to work on, and yep, I do think I have actually dreamed about it!  It is garish and gaudy and not as beautiful as Little Woollie's mixed stripey blanket.....but I don't care I AM IN LOVE!

This is a blanket I started at the beginning of the year and despite being a really quick pattern, I am trying to follow the colour sequences in the pattern and it has really slowed me down, getting it out to photograph made me realise how much I love it, so I must get my felt pens out and figure a better/quicker way to see the next colour.

This one is a slow-burner, but easy to pick up and down, its just I've been putting down more than I've been picking up....ooooops!

The Kingcole Riot is just amazing as the colours unfurl.

The last blanket, is the first I ever started....unfairly named the Boring Blanket.

When I took this out of its bag, I hadn't realised quite how many hexagons I had made already.....I really should press on, as it is very pretty....and also pretty boring!

It was my birthday last weekend and my cleverest crocheting friend, who is as clever at sewing and  crocheting as she is at being my friend, made me this.....

A big project bag, how well does she know me eh?  Perfect for blankets....problem is, I could do with a few more!

So....a few things that are making my world colourful at the about you.....what makes your heart skip a beat?  Somehow I don't think I will ever tire of making blankets....why would I?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Year of projects 07.10.12

Guess what?

Collar done, cuffs added, ends sewn in, buttons sewn on............

It's not too fact, I wish it were a little more fitted......maybe the waist shaping was a good idea after all...........

I am over all quite pleased, although I did want it to be a little neater, the sleeves seem a little bulky....the fabric is a bit 'bumpy' but I'm figuring that will come out in the wash......<sharp intake of breath>.....yes, I know I sewed it up before blocking.......I'm too impatient and probably always will be!

Anyway....this is a biggy for me to tick off my list, it has been slow going as it was done in four-ply on 2.25 needles....this is Stylecraft Baby which is beautifully soft and beautifully cheap, the pullover was made for less than £10!

So what next on my list....I think some brioche, maybe the hat - Oor-flap keep one of the boys 'oors' warm with the colder weather.

I have started another crocheted blanket, but I will wait to bore you with that for another time.

Hope you lovely bloggers have had a good week....look forward to catching up sometime this evening!