2nd Year of Projects

Well after the gentle 'shove' that last years YOP blog-a-long gave me, I decided that I would definitely be in for a second year.

I completed so many things last year that I wouldn't have otherwise, I learnt new skills and made lots of new bloggy friends.....what's not to like?

So this year I want to take on a few more knitting projects, make loads more crochet blankets (the obsession lives on!) challenge myself to learn new skills and most of all make loads.  My list isn't over-flowing so that I can still do plenty of bish-bash-bosh crochet in my own flighty style.  Nothing like a project that only took an evening to make!

A Veera Valimaki jumper or cardigan, but I can't decide which!  - completed
Fiets Hand Shoes from Knitting Brioche book
Oor-flap Muts - from Knitting Brioche book
Ipod Hoodie - I think these may be a good pressie, so if it is straightforward then I may make a few.
Pinwheel Purse - another present idea - completed
Slippers - I've looked at lots of patterns, but will try this one first - completed
Big Snowy Owl - just because! - completed
A pair of socks......I fancy trying some toe-up two-at-a-time....but we will see!
Ten Stitch Twist - I think this may be a pipe dream! - in progress


Owl scarf - so cute
Fingerless mitts - maybe these ones?
Blanket - oh dear!
Another blanket - are you seeing a pattern?
Cinderella - present idea
I have a vintage crocheted throw on the go, which I must finish and also from many moons ago, the famous Boring blanket, which proved so boring, it is still not finished!

I would love to make a few crocheted bags, probably as presents, but these are not exactly planned yet!

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