Year of Projects

For whatever reason, I am one of those people who wants to do everything. When it comes to my crocheting, I'm afraid I am a bit of a blanket addict, although the majority that I have made have been gifts.  When I am faced with a pile of things to do, instead of working through the pile in an orderly manner, I tend to flap and not do too much at all.

I have joined Ravelry's Blog-a-long Year of Projects with the main aim of getting a few things ticked off my ever increasing tick list.

I am going to try my very best to deliver nearly all all of the below list before the deadline of July 2012

Please do track my progress and feel free to give me a boot up the bum when you think I've let things slip.

So here goes............... (drum roll please)..............the list of to-do things which I will tick off as I progress.

  1. Finish off 'Boring Blanket' - WIP of which I have done about 1/6 of so far (the name says it all!)
  2. Granny Stripe blanket in full Lucy Attic 24 beauty - Finished
  3. Item of clothing for me Terra Hooded Jumper - Finished
  4. Pair of socks (note the word pair, not one that gets put to one side and then when picked up again, is impossible to reproduce!) - Finished
  5. A mini-granny square cushion
  6. A japanese flower item - maybe a scarf - Finished
  7. A sock monkey for my littlest monkey - Finished
  8. A shawl
  9. Hats for my three boys - in progress
  10. Crocheted birds - don't ask, just always hankered after a realistic (well maybe that's pushing it) crocheted bird - Finished

Added Christmas presents to the list

1. Sunnyspread throw - Finished
2. Moogly's blackberry salad striped baby blanket - Finished
3. Caity Cat - Finished
4. Owl bag - Finished
5. Flower cushion - Finished

Is that enough? Is that too much? I have no be honest, I know there will be plenty to be going along with in between.  As previously mentioned not being the best planner, I tend to do all sorts of frivolous crocheting things.  My husband says I partake in too much 'bish-bash-bosh' crochet. I reckon if you can make one in an hour, why not?!

So please watch this space and if I look like I have fallen asleep, please give me a nudge!!