Wednesday, 25 January 2012

One a day (which day?)

It is still Tuesday?

Well, if I use the excuse that I missed the day, I will never get back to it........ so,I'm late I know.....but enthusiastic!

So I actually finished my last one-a-day project (which came in the shape of a sunnyspread blanket) in November and then did some Christmas presents, but I am back in earnest now with a WIP blanket, here on in known as the boring blanket.

I actually started this when I first learnt to crochet...I was young, naive and a little wet behind the ears!  I soon realised I had no staying power and was drawn into quick crochet flings, promising bright colours, quick fixes, no commitment.........

So I am back, admitting I've done wrong and wanting to put things right.

This week I have done five hexagons and actually found since my crochet has improved they didn't take too long (although I still haven't learnt to sew my ends in!)  I will probably end up doing two a day I should think.

So here comes the maths, I have done 89   hexagons so far, with 5 added this week that makes 94 and I think I need ......well, lets not think about it, as that is why it become the boring blanket a year ago!

To see other people's one a day projects, pop on over to  gingerbread girl's blog.

In other news, I have discovered that knitting is not quite like riding a bike.  As I've previously mentioned, I have got it stuck in my head to knit a jumper, and today, I began!  Funny how it didn't come naturally at all and it took some time to remember I needed to reposition the yarn to my brain works, I have been looking this evening at continental knitting thinking that if I could get my head around it, it would probably sit better with my crocheting position, particularly as I am a yarn grabber.  Anyone have a preference?  Wish me luck as knitting is maybe not my forte!  But I'm very determined!


  1. i love your one a day project, the colours are very striking!
    well all can say about knitting is at least you can knit! several people have tried to teach me and failed, it just not meant to be.

  2. By 'sewing in your ends', do you mean tucking the ends of each hexagon back into the work? I have trouble with this. No matter how I choose to weave them back in, they always seem to pop out sooner or later. What *is* the fix for that?

  3. love your hexagons and good luck with the knitting!!
    I love looking back at things i made when i first started and feeling smug about how far I've come!!

  4. Lol, the boring blanket hahaha. They look great, so I hope you finish it.

    I prefer 'throwing', but I think continental is faster so a good thing to learn.

  5. Oh, I love the new one a day, great colours. I try and tuck my ends in as I go, but still have a fair few to to hide on my blanket.
    I found I can knit the continental way but I always seem to go back to the 'old' way I first learnt, especially after a break from it.

  6. I love your new one a day and hope you can keep your interest in it!

  7. Wow! You have made some great progress!! I love the colors

  8. Oooh, blimey, knitting.... It defeats me every time. I see so many lovely things in blogland and on Pinterest, but I just know deep down that me and knitting are never meant to be! So can't offer you any advice there, I'm afraid. But I do like your blanket! It's not boring at all - it's going to look beautiful when it's all done, you should stick with it.
    Have a jolly weekend
    Emily x

  9. Beautiful blanket, the colours are amazing. Stick at it, you're nearly there!

    Helen xx

  10. I'm not a knitter (well not for a long long time) so I can't offer any advice sorry, maybe just give it a go and see how you get on? This throw is great, I like the colour scheme you chose, and the beautiful thing about these projects is you can put them down and pick them up when the mood strikes!

  11. Those colours are GoRgeOuS!!x

  12. Tee hee! Boring blanket! It looks great, though!
    I am like you, in appreciating the quick fix crochet approach!
    I'm sure I have a blanket in me somewhere.
    Good luck with the knitting. I have no advice. I cannot knit.
    Wish I could.
    Have a great weekend! Xx

  13. That will be a beautiful blanket. Try not to think how many more hexagons need to be done but just keep at 'em.

    Continental for me - but that's how I was taught. It does seem to work well for the knit stitch, as you can scoop the yarn with the needle rather than having to throw it.


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