Sunday, 10 June 2012

Year of projects - 10.06.12

We've definitely seen some unseasonal weather this week with rain, howling winds and low temperatures, even flash floods not so far away.  I guess that none of this comes as a surprise when you know it is the children's half term break.

I haven't seen a huge amount of progress on my Colour Affection shawl, although I'm sure I have been putting in the knitting.  The rows are pretty long and I still have another 16 to do before I get to the border, which I am itching to get on with and see my shawl off the needles.  I am finding it hard to see what it will be like as it is currently scrunched up on 80cm cables.

It seems pretty small to me....but then who knows!

The only thing I have outstanding on my YOP list I think is my boring blanket, which even now has proved too boring to be finished, when I get the shawl finished, I will add a few more hexis to the blanket, but I'm afraid it will not be completed in time.....ah, well, one for next year's list!

Well, after a week of downpours, yesterday turned out to be a good'un and we took ourselves off on a family walk to make the most of the sunshine.

Lush grassland and pale sand, picture perfect!

The beach was full to bursting with picnic-ers so we decided to march straight off so we could keep the dogs (well, Chester really) away from all the tempting food!

We had to tie the dogs while we ate our sandwiches, but otherwise they ran and played all day....made lots of new friends and jumped in lots of water!

Onto the bridge and a scenic walk over the lily ponds.

We went to the lily ponds last year, but it was all so different with the lilies in full bloom this time was a beautiful for remembering!

And the reason I am so late the weather was not quite so wonderful, but duty called in the form of a football tournament for biggest boy, so we set off full family support......I do find it hard to be a shrinking violet when I'm on the sidelines, but my goodness we met some scarily-loud shouty passionate parents/coaches today.  Our junior side are in their first season and going by today, I think we are going to have to put them all on protein shakes and weights. The boys were pretty much floored in each game apart from one, but they all came away with smiles and another good day!


  1. Your boys have such a Swallows and Amazons life in pictures! The weather has been poor, glad you are ok. Beautiful shawl, those colours are so sea-like.

  2. your shawl looks lovely!
    You may surprise yourself with your blanket and have a little spurt on!

    the beach and walking looked like a fab day & well done on the medal.

  3. What a cutie. Isn't it hard when a blanket ceases to be fun? Once you finish it though you will be so happy. I can't wait to see it.

  4. what a great place for a walk and a picnic!!
    We have had dreadful weather here lately, it seems to be raining every day lately. The shawl is looking lovely xx

  5. What great pictures of your day out! And Chester is grown! Wow. That seems like such a short time! LOVE the is like viewing an ocean wave. Can't wait until you have it done. Go Faith! :)

  6. Your pic looks glorious, oh how I'd like some of that sand near me...sighhhhh. We are still having the rain and wind and chilly temps, on the plus side its making lots of muddy puddles for someone lol. Well done to your eldest boy its always lovely when they finish with a medal and a smile. :)

  7. Looks like a fabulous day out! Can't wait to see your Color Affection off the needles :D

  8. Everyone else has said all the things I've been thinking. :)

    I do love a water lily pond. Could you smell them? They have an amazing, haunting scent.

    Eagerly awaiting the uncabling of the shawl....

  9. My youngest had a footie tournament last week too and they got slaughtered 6-0!!!! Very sad boys but they had fun (I think!).... xxx

  10. I tried to comment on this late last night but my ipad did those funny things, you know? Anyway, your shawl is lovely - the colours are great. I commented in my ta-dah post on Friday that I was worried mine wasn't very deep until I blocked it but it's absolutely fine now, I am sure you'll find the same.

    At least your lad is smiling and got a medal! Hope you have all recovered from the wet weather xxx

  11. Hahaha, that is always strange when you keep knitting and it seems to be the same size. I'm loving the colors and I think it will be quite lovely when finished.

  12. The colours on your shawl are soooooo beautiful Faith, it's going to be a real treasure xox Penelope

  13. there is a nice surprise waiting for you at my blog

  14. Ooooh the shawl is coming along nicely and looking so pretty.
    It is lovely to see the sunshine in your photos...i have forgotten what it looks like!
    love jooles x

  15. Gorgeous places to walk you have! Your little guy is so cute! Don't tell him I said "little". And football to you is really soccer, right? You even have good looking dogs!
    The shawl is gorgeous and I can tell you've done LOTS more on it. What's the YOP (year of projects)? Did you make a list of things you wanted to make this year? Looks like you're doing well as it's only June! Explain please as it might be a nice way of motivating ME to get projects done....any help is appreciated! LOL!

  16. It's so frustrating when you are working on circular needles, isn't it Faith? I still have my steeked Cats and Mice blanket to finish. It's a bit too autumnal to work on at the minute but I will love that moment of opening it out and seeing how it really looks..It's just a very long tube at the moment!
    Your dogs are adorable and such a lovely pic of eldest son wearing his medal..well done!!
    Fingers crossed for some sunshine,
    Susan x


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