Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Man V. Food

If you have an aversion to gluttony.....or if the sight of greediness makes you quake with rage....look away now.

Living in a house of boys, I am often subjected to can be painful for me on occasion.....maybe that is why I like pink and sparkly things so block out the boy-stuff-overload.

All my boys (hubby included) have a fascination with the American TV programme Man V. Food......if you haven't seen it....maybe give it a miss.

Well, my hubby has always been a connoisseur of burgers, but last weekend he took it to a whole other level, when he decided to do a Man v. Food challenge


Four half-pounder beef burgers, packet of streaky bacon, portion of beef-chilli, mushrooms, onion rings, cheese and a big roll loaf to put it all in.

Assembled in a scientific-way

 You'd think this would be more than enough already.....but oh, no......forgot the chilli.....

Need I say more?  Have you run for the hills yet?

And afterwards.......

I hasten to add that my hubby is normally a more considered eater......I think it was a one-off personal challenge....although actually he got to the last tiny morsel and the food maybe it will re-occur just to prove his MAN-liness

The very same hubby celebrated his birthday yesterday....and on the menu?  A burger cake of course....which he still had a healthy appetite for.

The cake went down a treat, complete with butter-icing 'ketchup' and royal icing 'cheese'

Like father, like son!


  1. That is the hugest burger I have ever seen! Your husband is quite manly handling that!

  2. Hahahaha!
    I've seen that programme- I think your hubby did himself proud!!
    Love the cake-brilliant too!
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. I am so not showing any of my boys that !! They'd be on that challenge quicker than anything, they watch the show, all of them...I swear it must be a man thing ! Bithday wishes to your hubby and what a fab looking cake!

  4. Oh my word. That show does hold a sort of horrid fascination - though I've only seen it a few times.

    Mr. Faith looks as though he's got a good sense of humour. And a good thing too! Happy birthday to him. (Fantastic cake, Faith!) :)

    P.S. Each of your sons has his own special appeal. Youngest has such a puckish look - full of beans and cheerful mischief, I'll bet!

  5. It actually didn't look too bad until I saw the SIZE of it! Holy Canoli! But he is a farmer right so he'll work it off...hopefully! LOL!
    Your little man was so cute and yes... he had the same look on his face as "Dad". Too funny!
    Did you make the cake? Very nice! You are definitely multi-talented. Happy Halloween!

  6. Euwww! That programme is awful... my daughter and her fiance love it and it always makes me feel ill! Mr.Faith (I bet he loves that name!)is obviously as funny as you...I can just imagine the boys laughing their heads off during that challenge! Beware though Faith.. ALL boys eat like that everyday when they reach about 13... Now the cake... yummy... my type of burger anyday :) Hugs, Jill x

  7. Oh Gosh!!! I think that would have over awed anyone. I bet the boys were falling around laughing!! The cake looks scrummy....hats off to you for making it! Looks like youngest enjoyes it too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Faith! Joan

  8. Oh wow!! Yes, a much-loved show in this house. I usually watch it with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. Your husband is a brave man - that's a HUGE plate of nosh!

    I am also subjected to huge amounts of Man TV and there are lots of moans and groans when I want to watch girly TV - like The Paradise and Downtown Abbey...*sigh* I rarely bother.

  9. This so made me laugh! What is it about men and bacon? Anything it seems is improved by a few rashers of the crispy stuff piled on top! H is always on about monster-size burgers from some TV programme - clearly this is it! I am impressed your husband managed to make it as far as he did! Your birthday cake for him is so witty! You clever thing! And those final pics of junior tackling the cake are priceless! Enjoy the man food - at a distance! Meanwhile enjoy pink and girly things closer up!
    E x

  10. That is such an awesome show. We all watch it here salivating at those huge food challenges. How much chilli stuff can Adam put away!

    Mr Faith looked like he enjoyed his challenge judging by his pose on the settee afterwards :)

  11. How clever that burger cake!!! You are awesome to think of ketchup and cheese that way.
    I loved the look of that burger! Did you seen on Pinterest a tip on making bacon for a sandwich? You interlace like four of them like a grid so bacon will be everywhere in the sandwich! I was like duh! Why didn't I think of that. Gotta try that one day.

  12. Ha-ha! My kids sometimes watch the crazy challenges people do -- a friend actually lets her kids follow through on some of them, but I told my kids not to even think about it. There are some things you really shouldn't be doing to your body. When you overload on any kind of food, it is like overdosing ... a real strain on the body. I'm vegetarian so the thought of eating all that meat is rather yuck, but the hamburger cake is fun! And your little guy is a cutie. Happy belated to your hubby. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. My husband has your problem, there is too much pink and glitter in our house. He is very impressed with that burger and is asking me to make him one, I think so that he can assert his manliness.
    I on the other hand would rather eat that cake.

  14. My husband loves the look of what was created at your house! He is obsessed with an American show about pizzas!! And is determined to go to New York to try one!
    I love that burger cake, so clever. I bet after all that meat your husband was a little worried about the contents of the cake.....

  15. I am so not letting my lot see this!

    Having briefly met your man I know he's certainly not built as though he has a stomach the size of a supermarket trolley ... where did he put it all!? Hollow legs!?

    Brilliant cake Faith ... you should start a cake making business methinks!

  16. Lol boys!! I have seen that show, quiet an odd show. We are out numbered over here too. 2 girls to 3 boys and the little girl isn't quiet old enough to back me yet lol. Luckily the boy show all my boys like is Deadly 60 which I quiet like. So Monday - Friday 6.30 we are all sitting in front of the tv watching a crazy man show us deadly animals lol. Not what I imagined when having kids. I can't wait for the barbie movies lol


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