Sunday, 11 November 2012

Year of projects - 11.11.12

So here's the thing.........I've suddenly realised that Christmas is only two weeks away and I haven't finished all my presents........well, that's not strictly true.......but in relation to the number of things I have to finish (and even start in some cases) it may as well be two weeks.

Somehow, in among all the panic, I managed to start another blanket.....but there is some method in this, as I need it finished to wrap and give in a week or so, rather than posting something heavy and bulky.

It's a simple pattern found on ravelry here, and I am using two chunky yarns held together and also some silver cotton to give a subtle far, so good....and it's a quick grower, so perfect for the job.

I also joined in with Christina Lowry's handmade ornament swap, which is due to be posted out in the next week or so.....I have the's just they are all stuck in my head!

And then, when you think it couldn't get worse, you are quite innocently browsing a blog when you get you arm twisted (....ahem...) into joining in a CAL.  You see, who could have known that Meredith from Mereknits would be so persuasive!

So this is the beginnings of joining in Stitchy's CAL for a gorgeous star table runner......I thought I had plenty of this white four-ply cotton, but I realise that the other ball is actually ivory......

I can't not picture this beautiful runner on my table at Christmas.......

So as you can see, I've switched in to 'mad-dash' mode and my YOP work is going to be varied, frantic and haphazard for the coming weeks....

I am dangerous around anything vaguely christmassy at the moment, don't remind me about those cute mitten advent calenders, or those gorgeous crochet nativity scenes....I may well finally explode....

Anyway...I have just returned from a scoot and skate party followed by a  birthday tea....I am going to sit and read blogs in front of the fire if you don't mind.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to this week....please no more christmassy crocheted must-haves....I couldn't take it!

Have a lovely week.x


  1. Oooo you cruel person... you completely panicked me when you said Christmas was only 2 weeks away... mind you, the way I procrastinate it soon will be!! I'm loving the blanket... are you doing more knitting than crochet now? I haven't joined in any CALs or swaps this year... and now I'm missing them! Hugs, Jill x

  2. Ooooh sweet lovely Faith, don't pop please :o) My goodness you do set yourself such high standards and plans but my golly if I believe anyone is going to do it it's YOU my friend. You'll be dreaming and spinning yarns n all of your conversations no doubt in the coming weeks. As for me, I have my ideas all lining up in my head but nothing to hand...I'm still blocking and joining my crochet blankkie for my colleague's baby due in the new year. Golly I better get my skates on xox happy days ahead, keep your head above all that yarn! Penelope

  3. Faith, you make me laugh, yes you are right I meant to fully entice you with the beauty of the Star table runner, I am loving this project and frankly do not want to do anything else but make stars right now.
    so glad you are joining the fun!
    Hugs to you,

  4. Oh dear, you have got yourself in over your head. Reading your mind-blowing list has made me feel a lot better about my stupid one :) At least I don't have to finish a blanket. And my KAL posted earlier today.

    Looking forward to seeing how much you get done and when. And you do know it's alright to wrap intentions and deliver in January, right?

  5. Wow, wonderful projects..I can see myself trying them all..not before xmas though... I did think you had added something to your tea..thinking xmas was 2 weeks away..

    I am a very last minute xmas persona..never, ever, prepared!

  6. I love the look of those stars for the table runner! And can't wait to see your decorations!
    I am blissfully ignoring the fact that I haven't bought or made a single present for Christmas yet!! I'm sure last year I was well on my way to a few finishes.
    I believe I will become hysterical within the next two weeks as November ends and I am still sitting with an enormous to do list and still not a thing done!!xx

    1. ...and you're moving house as well? Good luck with that.The blanket looks adorable and what a pretty snowflake.

      I'm desperately trying to finish things in November, as my head and Rav queue are both filling up with pretties that don't like waiting.

  7. It would have to be cables, wouldn't it? (But perhaps you are such a seasoned knitter that cables don't fill you with panic the way they do me.) :)

    Ah well - better to spend the run-up to Christmas madly crafting than madly shopping! How lucky all your recipients will be. Those ornaments look fascinating, and I can see why you fell for that runner CAL.

    Hope you had a fun evening of blogreading. :)

  8. The crochet ornaments are adorable! And isn't Christmas in just over a month? You got a bit of extra time.

  9. I'm liking the look of those cables, something very cosy about cream knitted cables I think :)

  10. wow I'm shattered just reading all of that! i can't believe the big C is nearly here! all your projects sound awesome.

  11. Oh boy do I hear you on the down to the wire for Christmas presents. I don't know why I'm starting my nieces' now.
    You have terrific projects goin' on right now.

  12. I must be the only person in the world who doesn't like to think about Christmas ahead of time, or shop ahead of time. I stopped making gifts along time ago. Frankly, mean folks on my list truly aren't knit worthy and I found it frustrating. So, best of luck to you getting all you want to do done in time. Love the look of the ghan so far.

  13. Oh, I´m feeling just like you! It´s like the time is starting to speed up when Christmas is getting near. I hope you will be able to get all things done in time!
    Hugs, Barbina

  14. The blanket looks wonderful Faith and having some silvery yarn in it will add a nice element to it. Better to hand it over personally, postage can be so expensive.....
    Your ornament swap and star table runner CAL look great.
    Obviously, you can handle the pressure and just as well there are more then 2 weeks to Christmas!!

    Happy knitting and crocheting..........

    Claire x

  15. Amazing as usual! I am always floored by how much you manage to fit into your time! The ornaments are lovely, as is the snowflake. Wouldn't a tree look nice with nothing but those beautiful snowflakes all over it? By the way, The Goatmother dressed up as ButterBean for Halloween and took her little namesake out to eat. :)

  16. Its always good to have at least 2 or 3 projects on the go... I have no idea what it must be like to only have one :)

  17. A week has passed, I do hope you haven't popped! You are one of the most prolific crafters I know Faith, I'm sure you'll get it all done :D

  18. Dearest Faith...I'm doing my blog catch ups after having a little time away and I almost had a heart attack when I read the first line....had to read it twice in fact!!
    I love the pretty crochet star and I'm sure it will result in nothing but festive loveliness....I'm picturing a row of them hanging in a pretty garland in my living room this Christmas right now!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  19. Oh wow you are one busy lady!!. Sorry I haven't visited in a while I feel so bad =D Time does not seem to be my friend either. Your chunky blanket looks wonderful I love it and what a great idea to add a bit sparkle xx

  20. Oh my goodeness Faith, please don't explode! mind you when i read the first line of your post, i nearly did, i thought OMG i'm on the wrong month! naughty girl!
    lovely makes, clever thing
    love jooles x

  21. Oh Faith I really love that star.. I can't wait to see what the whole runner looks like. The blanket looks lovely and super cosy too. Good luck getting everything finished in time. Hope the house move is going well, really looking forward to hearing how you and your brood have been getting on!

    Helen xx

  22. Hello Faith! I'm Eda. Today come here, your swap. I'm be happy! I'm loved all. :)) Thak you very much. :))


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