Friday, 22 February 2013

Next Step Sock Knit-a-long

Toe-up, two-at-a-time Twisted Basket socks

This is where I am at!  I have grafted (worked hard!) for the past few days, after seeing every ones progress on the instagram feed and feeling guilty about my lack of socks to show.

These are painfully slow in my mind....I have loved learning the method, but the combination of thin yarn and small needles has got me bored beyond.....and I need some crochet in my life! I have a few more centimetres of pattern left and then a small amount of ribbing.....YAWN!

I saw Joanne from Rose and Dahlia's socks still on needles, but also on her feet, and after reading how hard she found it, stupidly, I thought I'd try mine on stubborn am I that it was a serious struggle and I began to wonder if my circulars were going to snap, but I still carried on....remind me not to do it again!

(I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised, when I had finally shoehorned the socks avec needles on, how very comfy and fitted they were...HOOORAAY!)

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  1. Faith you are amazing, keep up the great sock effort.

  2. Now this is why I don't knit socks ... the boredom. But that's just me and these are lovely, and will be more so when they're done. And hand knit socks are just so comfy to wear :)

  3. Very pretty, maybe sometime soon I will have the courage to attempt socks. You are doing a great job.

  4. They look wonderful. I'm still beavering away at my first second sock (if that makes sense) and it's WORSTED weight. To be honest, I am dreading making a pair with actual sock weight yarn. It's going to take forever and I know I'll feel guilty the whole time for going too slowly, or not finishing the second one, or who knows what. But if I don't make them I'll feel like I'm letting down the wonderful person who gave me the yarn. Ah well!

    Hang in there Faith and know that the hooks and yarn will be waiting for you when you've finished your socks. :)

  5. I do understand the dreaded attack of boredom that can attack a project. Somehow as with poor old window-cleaning Gromit, "all the bounce has gone from the bungee"! But you are so nearly there with these fabulous socks so don't give up! They look wonderful! And anyone who can knit socks in my book has serious kudos whatever stage the socks are at! E x

  6. You are so good at setting yourself challenges Faith I am well impressed. These socks look beautiful and so comfy too.I totally agree with you about the boredom that knitting socks can do especially the ribbing bit drives me potty with such skinny yarn! I thought I might knit some socks for my niece who will be 1 in April, might be less boring and much quicker! xox Keep cosy this weekend x Penelope

  7. You are so clever They look faboulous. I commend you for continuing and seeing them through. :)

  8. I have never dared start knitting socks! I know many love it but your words make perfect sense: I'm afraid I would get bored too.

    They ARE looking great though :-)


  9. They look fantastic!

  10. Faith they look wonderful!!!
    I'm glad you popped them on like me!
    Did your family give you funny looks like mine did?
    And ask if you were going to try and walk like that? (I didn't, as I'd have fallen over!!)
    I try them on to keep the momentum going! If they fit and I like them on then it keeps me knitting!! xx

  11. Blooming marvelous! Are you tempted to cast off now and wear them as trainer socks ? :)xx

  12. Oooh! Your socks are sound, Faith! Makes think of orange sherbet ice cream for a girly, spring party.


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