Saturday, 13 April 2013

These holidays

Biggest boy's tenth birthday (complete with a dubiously iced Eddie Stobart lorry cake)

Quad biking for the bigger boys, plus a couple of friends as a birthday treat

Some happy card crafting....I had quite forgotten how much I enjoyed quilling

Beach walks

Trip to a park with friends

Beach combing with littlest boy, while Daddy (Mowgli), biggest and middle boys went away for three days on cub camp

Littlest boy achieving his five metre swimming badge....surely the greatest achievement, realising that you don't need a float,  just get your head in, kick your legs and go for, the Olympics.
(I have to admit my eyes welled up as I think he even suprised himself)

I have got two more books under my belt The Last Summer, Judith Kinghorn and The Moorland Cottage Elizabeth Gaskell and a new crochet project, but that will come in tomorrow's YOP update.


  1. I love that he got his five meter badge. Tell him I have a swimmer that swims at The Ohio State University, he started just like your little one. How was the second book, did you like it? I am looking for something good to read, but am hesitant=nt because I loved The Last Summer so much.

  2. Awwww, lovely pictures. I adore the Eddie Stobart cake! Hope you had a good Easter too. X

  3. Those pics are just priceless. Birthday wishes and I think he loves the cake ! I'd say realising you don't need a float the biggest of all achievements ! Looking forward to seeing the new project ! I've been missing your blog.

  4. hey Faith, gosh, I would be as proud as punch of your littlest and his swimming achievement........that is wonderful, give him a big hug for me please...♥
    I wasn't good at swimming at primary school and the angst it caused me, oh let's not go there. Mind you I can swim quite well now......Beachcombing what fun....special times eh?
    Hope your eldest had a happy 10th....double figures, always a bit special.Cake looks pretty jolly good too...

    Never tried quilling, but nice you got to revisit a craft you enjoy.......

    Happy weekend to you, hope the sun's shining.....

    Claire x

  5. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful news - loved seeing your joyful pics!

  6. You always have fantastic ohana time!

  7. Ooh I love the photos of your boys. They look so happy and cute. Well done on the swimming badge. I think I would have cried too!! Such lovely happy family photos

    Helen xx


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