Friday, 24 May 2013

Wednesday walk

This Wednesday was a day for, because my hubby said he would take the boys to school and two, because I had a bit of a flap.  In September, we have signed up for a The Brecon Mountain Trail Challenge, which is a twenty or thirty mile walk up a range of mountains in Mid-Wales.  I quietly thought, 'that's fine, I can get fit by then' and then I had a sudden panic, what if I just couldn't do it!

So out I went, dog, water, camera, pedometer and Ipod and hit the coast path.  The day started off grey and a bit cold, but half way around I was stripping off and getting a little hot under the collar.

The flowers were out in force and having my camera to hand meant a good excuse to stop and take a breather  photo.

Banks of colour

(I have to admit to being fairly happy that there were many reasons to stop to take a photo)

I clocked about seven miles, so a little way to go to reach the twenty I will do on the big day....but I'm on my way!

This beach is a bit of a locals' secret, it's not easy to get to, and so doesn't tend to be found by the tourists ;-)

A wreck?

These towers are used for guiding the boats in....although there is also a lighthouse just around the corner too....I'm imagining that these conduct some kind of signal(?)

So this is not the first walk, as Chester and I walk every day, but this is the first effort to atleast start heading in the right direction....wish me luck (and any tips for building my stamina for uphill walking)

Tomorrow, we are all jetting off to foreign lands (England) to visit my sister for a couple of days......sooooo excited I can't tell you!

Be back next week to catch up with knitting....there has been some!


  1. Your walk sounds wonderful, beautiful flowers to photograph along the way and visit secret beach locations. What a wonderful way to train for you big walk.
    Anne xx

  2. Wow! 7 miles??? I thought I was good when I did 3! LOL! What beautiful areas to walk in too! Are those all just wildflowers growing? Beautiful! If you want to stretch your back leg and ankle tendons you can stand on the edge of a stair and bounce your feet up and down. I used to do that when I rode horses to stretch my heels and back of my legs. You go girl! And a trip too....sounds like you have a wonderful summer already! Talk to you when you get back! Have fun!

  3. 7 miles is great! (Hope that sports bra holds up.)

    Your flowers are so lovely - way ahead of ours.

    Good luck with the training - and by all means take those flower breaks. You're getting the mileage in, and that's what counts. :)

  4. gorgeous pics, looks like a lovely stroll amongst the flowers

  5. Hi Faith! I did a 15 miler a few years back (Brighton to Burgess Hill) for charity and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Just make sure your shoes are well worn in and take plasters with you for blister breakouts!!! Take it slow and stop for breathers (sorry, I mean photo ops) whenever you want! Good luck! xxx

  6. I have no tips really but am happy to cheerlead (Go you, you can do it, woop, etc). What a beautiful walk, I love where we live but it's a long way from the sea, it's lovely to see it through you!

  7. Woo hoo! Go Faith! Hope you are taking a few Peanuts along to stop and have a snack. Gotta' keep one's strength up, of course. :)

  8. So scenic and beautiful Faith, that secret beach spot looks idyllic too. Well done on your 7 miles, that's a great start. I look forward to hopefully seeing more of your scenic walking on your blog, oh and of course knitting too :o) Have a wonderful long weekend xxx Penny

  9. Wow, seven miles is a great way to start. You will get there. Have a wonderful time with your sister, there is nothing as good as sister time.

  10. Your photos are away's a pleasure to look at... Love the way you have captured the wild flowers which brighten up the countryside this time of the year......xx

  11. Well done Faith!...Lovely flower pictures too on your very long walk...7 miles is a real achievement!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  12. Welcome to England Faith!
    Well done you what a fabulous challenge, good luck x
    such pretty scenery, love that beach!
    love jooles xxx

  13. Hey Faith, well done with the walk, love the wild flowers and scenery.
    Enjoy your catchup with your sister......

    CLaire x

  14. Hi! Beautiful outdoor recreation!
    And something important beach reminded me of the beach at Lake Baikal in Russia, where I like to rest.
    Accidentally found your blog. I loved to read. I'm also knitting.
    Catherine, I'm from Russia

  15. This walk challenge sounds awesome. You are awesome! What beautiful spring to encounter on your daily walk.

  16. Very best of luck with your walk, I know you can do it and will be all trained up in lots of time. Such beautiful flowers along your path, thank you for sharing and hope you enjoyed your visit.


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