Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Year of projects 08.12.13

So I told you last time, I had a few days to make a gift for my MIL who was off to S.Africa for Christmas, well, I did it, with time to spare and here it is.....

A really enjoyable and quick knit....although, I have to admit to spending a long time trying to figure out what to do....but ravelry's read the useful projects search came in to its own.....once started I didn't stop and I think is was around three evenings to do.

I knitted it in Sirdar Baby Bamboo which is a DK weight with a lovely sheen, which helped when you dropped the stitches to run down.....what a weird experience!

I spent some time trawling about for a shawl pin for myself and one to package with the clapo-ktus, and then had a 'bing moment' when I emailed the local jewelry shop Be-gemmed, who hadn't got any, but said to leave them to it.

I gave them free reign really and they came up with a few designs, from which I picked these two.....


The second shawl pin includes a rose quartz stone,  beautiful in its simple design, but with attention to detail with the hammered finish.....

I am so pleased I can't tell you.....if you are in need of something special, consider dropping Phil and Helen an email or phone call....handmade, therefore with its own unique beauty, and supporting  real craftspeople in a trade which can be forgotten in a factory mass-produced age.

Right.... on to the next thing....this time....just for a change.....another shawl....but for now that's all I'm saying ;-)

To see other people's YOP work, check out the ravelry page here.


  1. Those shawl pins are stunning and clapo-ktus is lovely - love the colour.

  2. Those shawl pins are stunning and clapo-ktus is lovely - love the colour.

  3. Faith, it is gorgeous. When I made my first one I had a dreadful time trying to figure it all out. I had to read every single Ravelry note and then simply decided to make my own border when the decreasing started. It made more sense to me and made it more symmetrical. I have made three total and simply love the pattern. I have taught two of my friend how to make it and they are in love with it too. Well done my friend, you did a great job.

  4. Both the shawl and the shawl pins are gorgeous. Your yarn choice sounds perfect for South Africa. Also perfect for the pattern because the slipperiness of bamboo probably made it easier to drop the stitches. I made a Clapotis from raw silk and dropping the stitches was nearly impossible! Lovely project!

  5. You made a lovely shawl, and I love the pins you chose to complement it. Great job!

  6. Hi Faith...Your shawl is beautiful!!...(love the shade too... there will be one very happy recipient for sure and how lovely are those shawl pins? I particularly love the second's just gorgeous..x
    Your boys must be so excited for Xmas!
    Happy Thursday!
    Susan x

  7. Beautiful shawl - lucky MIL! And those shawl pins are such fine work ... was it hard to give one away? :)

    P.S. I had to order your prizewinning magazine straight from Interweave, as it had sold out of all the stores - will mail out your goodies when I get the magazine. :)

  8. Clever you Faith, three nights knitting, your needles were smokin'..........
    Love the colour and who wouldn't be thrilled to receive this beautiful gift.
    The shawl pins are both beautiful in their individuality, love the look of hammered silver.

    Claire x

  9. Merry Christmas to you and your family Faith...I hope you have the most wonderful magical time with your boys!
    See you in 2014!
    Susan x

  10. Wishing you and yours Faith a magical Christmas time...Merry Merry Christmas!

    Amanda x

  11. I missed this post. Those shawl pins are wonderful!

    Hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas Faith x


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