Sunday, 2 February 2014

Year of projects - 02.02.14

This week I have a finished thing, started a new thing and made a flight of fancy.

The first thing and finished thing, is a car seat blanket for my cousin who has had a lovely new baby boy.  I was so excited at the prospect of a new blanket, and then suddenly remembered the stars I had started on last year...or the year before?....

I saw this lovely star design on another blog, and on finding out that the pattern for the star square was from a book, I decided to work it out myself.  I did seem to remember (obviously wrongly) making loads of these squares, but when I dug them out from the corner that they were lingering in, there were only just a handful, so I made a few plain ones and striped ones to fill it out a bit.

This is one of those times, that I wish I had written down what I did....but hey, I didn't and I will have to work it out another time when I have the time to do so.  This blanket was made in Stylecraft for ease of washing and drying.

The second item that I have just begun is my temperature blanket.  I have sectioned up temperatures in 3 degree increments and allotted each range a colour. Each day I am using the highs and lows to make these lovely squares, taken from Snowcatcher's blog.  Such a well written pattern and great explanation as to joining as you go (which I am not doing because of the construction of my blanket).

I am enjoying the squares, but just find myself wishing for some freak weather to mix it up a bit...maybe a boiling hot day in the middle of January is a bit hard to believe though.....

Last thing is my flight of fancy, taken from a book I picked up from the library....not sure why....just because.

This bear had the odds stacked against him, as sewn on nose, mouth and eyes were called for, but then to top it all...ears sewn on too.  I think the first mistake was the eyes which looked alright, but were maybe not, and then the ears sewn at a jaunty angle made everything a bit squiffy...ooops!  The pattern also has a hoody, which I hope to make this week...maybe he can pull  his hood up and hide his 'bad ear' day.

Ah...but he's still smiling eh!

Lastly......but not leastly.....I received a wonderful package from across the pond from the lovely Sue from Mrs. was a Saturday late afternoon, so I placed it at the bottom of the table (out of sight but not out of mind) until I could cook for and feed the boys.

It was such a treat to open....the chocolate (yep....all long gone!) the buttons, the felt ornament, the lovely necklace which has a beautiful bird with the words 'wing it' and a fabulous knitting made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  The magazine is a cracker and loads of lovely things to make plus plenty of inspiration for my next jumper project.....

Thankyou Sue!


  1. What a sweet gift to receive. I love your well-loved teddy. It vintage. That blanket is extraordinary. Makes me think of the Wild West.

  2. Love the star blanket, it's fab. The teddy is very cute too, he certainly has character.

  3. I love your teddy Faith, so sweet and nothing but lovable. Your star blanket looks gorgeous too, I am just like you, always pleased to jump to making a blanket as soon as there is a mention of a new baby. My sister in law gave birth yesterday to our first nephew, I made a blanket for him and gave it to her at Christmas, but I am itching to get making something else. Gorgeous goodies from Sue, love this blogging community x take care lovely xox

  4. The wee teddy is just so cute, he has a lot of character about him, exactly as a teddy should. Beautiful star blanket too.
    Marianne x

  5. Wow you've been busy and ted is very cute. How fab you had the makings of the baby blanket on hand with a little couple of additions. I'm off now to find out what a temperature blanket is.

  6. I think your blanket is even nicer with the variety of squares ... and the star squares do look intriguing.

    Your Teddy is so cute - the one-ear-up/one-ear-down gives him a cheerful, rakish look. :)

    How fun to see Snowcatcher's name on your blog - she is a great pal of mine and so creative. Looking forward to seeing your temperature blanket when it's done!

    So glad you enjoyed your package. :)

  7. Kuddos on the Star blanket, it looks absolutely stunning! And what fun to chose colors by temperatures! I love Teddy, he's so jaunty!

  8. Love the star blanket and if you ever remember how you did it would love to know, it's just so perfect for a boy. Your teddy is so cute and what a lovely present to get in the post. Not sure how or why I've been missing your updates but I have and your holiday looked like such good fun hope you all enjoyed it.

  9. OMG! I should never look at your blog because whenever I do I end up wanting to make everything you show. The blanket is fantastic and I like yours and the original so now I'll have to make 2! See what you do to me? But I do love stars. I'm more a star person than a heart person and that's the first star crocheting I've ever seen so of course I'm ecstatic!
    I've seen the temperature blanket but still haven't quite got it figured out but I'm sure I'll have to make one someday.
    The bear is so sweet! I love it as is! It looks like it's already been loved by someone....adorable! Please share when you get the hoody done.
    I started looking at your trip photos...beautiful but I was getting lightheaded just looking at the pictures...I have a terrible fear of heights! But I did enjoy them as I will never go there...for sure now! LOL! SO glad you were able to though and that heights don't bother you. What's funny is I love great scenery and mountains but scared to death to go near them for real. Well, I have to go and order that book and supplies for my new projects....tee hee!

  10. Aww I think 'scruffy' bear has real character, I like that he's a little wonky! Your stars & stripes blanket has come out really nicely too, good idea to mix up the squares too

  11. Love your star blanket Faith and how you've mixed the stars with plains and's gorgeous!
    What a sweet little teddy too...I can tell he's a very lovable character indeed..x
    Looking forward to seeing your finished temperature blanket,
    Hope you're all having a great week Faith!
    Susan x

  12. How could anyone not love that darling if slightly lopsided bear!

  13. Awwwww, that bear!! I am in love- he is such a cute character.
    And I really love the star motif in your blanket, too.
    Wishing you a wonderful week,
    Sarah xx


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