Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Catching up....again....

It always seems to me that I'm trying to catch up....ever have that feeling too?

We are now a week and a bit into the children's big holidays, and everything is passing-by even quicker than it was before.

But I figured rather than try and cover all the news, I will at least show you my latest finished shawl.

Der Querdenker  by Petra Neumann....translated into English from German (I think my next German pattern I should try in German, could make the knitting so much more of a challenge!)

The yarns were ones I had on my shelf (I was sorely tempted to splash out though!) the blue and the green were both bought in the Waterfront in Cape Town, both spun and dyed by Nurturing Fibres. The Pink was a bought from Perran Yarns left over from a previous make,,.,,,and there's yet more still to make something else too!

This was a lovely shawl to make with a swing knitting short row technique that I had not done before. The technique made sense, was easy enough and actually to me, was a better way to do it than I've done previously (which was always a bit hit and miss).  All in all, a really nice project.  This is now packed up and winging its way across the pond to a lovely German teacher in America who helped me so much in my recent German exam......but that's another story!


  1. Beautiful shawl! So glad you've enjoyed using SA yarns! x

  2. It's lovely, and the colours are so fresh and garden-y. Hope all is well in your corner of the world! We met a lady from Wales the other day, which made me think of you. :)

  3. Your shawl is beautiful. Lucky lady who is going to be the recipient. Anne xx

  4. Sehr gut!! This is absolutely lovely! I'm tempted to try one. Do you think an experienced knitter but someone who had never tried swing knitting could follow this pattern? Most people seem to have gone on a course to master it.

    1. Barbara, maybe I didn't understand it after all then ;-) i found it a better method than the one I had used before, where sometimes the stitches in the wrap and turn had to be knittted together but sometimes twisted and looked obvious....never figured out how I was so inconsistent in my knitting! This method had clear instructions in the pattern and I think I did it as I was supposed to! Really, I'm sure you'd find it easy too!

    2. Ooh, goody - that sounds great!

      Thanks Faith.

  5. What a terrific gift. It matches your garden.

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