Saturday, 23 January 2016


Well 2016 so far has been pretty much me thinking and not really doing!  I'm definitely in a reflective mood.  

I think that probably every blogger has a whole host of things that they should be doing....things that that they want to do....and its probably not worth adding the things that you'd like to have a go at!

It turns out I have rather less time than I thought I had and even then, its probably less than that.

My crafty endeavours, German learning and running come way down the list of things that are part of my everyday, and yet they are important, as they probably make the essential things possible.  If I didn't do some of the 'me' stuff, I would soon not be me.

Last weekend I should probably have been catching up on my German (I have fallen behind in my studying) but we all did a Parkrun instead....and do you know what it was exactly the right thing to do.  I had a clear head, I felt more balanced and not quite so panicky that I wasn't ticking everything  off the 'to-do' list.

So the big list didn't shrink any really, but I was happier.

I would like to be blogging again....I would like to know the method of making all the new German  vocabulary, I look up everyday, actually stick so that when I go to use the word, it is still there (where does it go?)

I would love to know what on earth the coloured ball of acrylic that I was mixing in, with the pale pink, in the above baby blanket was..........I have been back to the shop, I have picked up what I thought it was twice and come back to realise it is nowhere near.....that's a small frustration in the scheme of things, but hey its not asking much!

I would like to be able to combine all the things I want to do into one I can listen to German TV while I run, but can I blog and knit at the same time?  Maybe I could find a group of German runners who are also part of a knit and natter group....maybe I should start the group....I would.... but I have no free time ;-)


  1. Time is what everyone needs a bit more of, especially very, very busy Mother's. I hope you find the time to do all you need.

  2. Time is always my enemy but my resolution this year was only to do the stuff I REALLY needed or wanted to do. So far its working.... xxx

  3. Finding German speaking friends is your best best to have all that learning stick. Is there an app to also encourage that? I tried Duolingo once for French and it was fun. Yay on the running. I'm making myself get into the groove again and try to run 3x a week. It's hard w/the rain we've been getting.


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