Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I find myself this could be down to a number of things....

It's September and while school was a long time ago for me, I am still caught in the whirl with three school-aged boys.

I've changed my plans a little this year as for the past three years, I've been doing some language study with the Open University....but this year, I'm taking a small break to consolidate a little....and maybe to realise my options....(who am I kidding what spare time?)

I'm going to be forty very soon and although I'm not one to really worry about age, it has made me take stock a little.

I've made a bit of a list, with all sorts of random challenges, I won't get to them all, but then I'm a firm believer in 'Dreaming Big'...My time is nearly always a little on the lean side and even though I'm not studying to a plan this year, the time that I thought I might have will somehow disappear....  the more I think about what I want to do.... the more things I can add to my list.

I have two huge bags of crochet and knitting projects, half done....some I've forgotten how to do, so they seem like a massive undertaking...others I have most likely just forgotten about...

So what has my reflecting achieved....haha, well, I realise that I've been rather tough on myself in all sorts of areas in the past and that's a nice thing to's allowed me a little perspective...hhmmmmm.....and it also makes me think about my priorities....all that from a bunch of old photos and a big birthday looming! :-)

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  1. You're just keepin' it real. It's great how you want more out of your life right now.


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