Thursday, 28 September 2017


Tomorrow would be the day, if all had worked out, that I would have been starting in Swansea Uni part way through a BA in German (and a little French), a continuation of my three years part-time study with the Open University.  A big decision, as it was sooo tempting to finally see a degree in sight.  Reality strikes though and its not to be.

You see, the last year has made me a little fidgety and while time is flying past, I seem to have watched it feeling sad.  I've been doing a bit of this and that, but nothing that has made me feel really content.

Working a few hours in the library has given me a glimpse of being an adult again and begin to feel more confident.  Taking up running and entering a few races has done me the power of good and I've met so many lovely people (highly recommended!)

But having my hopes lifted and then realising that Swansea would not work out, was not all so has made me think about other possibilities.

Totally in reverse of where I am now, I have a real opportunity of another college course, one on my doorstep, one that feels like it might give me direction and possibilities.

Now it's just to decide....not my forte

While I decide, there's always crochet and running!  This Sunday I am running my second half marathon in Cardiff....there is a bunch of my running buddies going too, so it should be a sociable pressure for times, it's such a big event that it's more about enjoying the experience with the other 24,000 runners (wow, I can't imagine what it will be like!)

Last Sunday, I ran a 10k organised by a local running club and held in my village.  It was wet, wet, wet, but I'm not a fair weather runner and quite enjoy the rain to keep me going. 

 I'm not particularly fast, but see a small improvement each time I race....onwards and upwards

(smiling as I'm on the last straight!)

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  1. Wow, a half-marathon! That's impressive! Keep up the great work.

    Crochet and running are Good Things. Good luck deciding about that course (if you haven't done so already). :)


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