Friday, 23 March 2012

Best laid plans

As always..... I did have a plan....but somewhere between then and now, it did a runner.....I must remember to lock the cat flap at night.....

I've stopped and started, arrived and left, ticked boxes and buried my head in the sand!

After being a solo cheer leading squad on the sidelines of biggest boy's football match on Saturday (does anyone else get the urge to break onto the pitch in an under 9's match) I came home with crafting in mind, to finish up mother's day presents and cards.

It is fairly normal for me to make things and it is, I suppose, fairly normal for me to be doing it at the eleventh hour.

I spent a lovely couple of hours sewing, threading beads and rediscovering all the lovely things in my hoard of clutter.

It isn't often I get a chance to dabble during the day, so it was a special treat indeed.

The free-hand sewing was/is a first...hhhmmmmm...obvious I know, but I think I may be missing something. I just dropped the feed-dogs and lifted the foot, but surely there is a special foot instead for my machine, as the tension was all over the shop and I nervously laughed throughout the whole ordeal...I must look into this further, because it seems like fun, if it wasn't quite so out of control!

My own mothers day was lovely, a walk with dogs, some baking and then eating a picnic tea in the lounge watching telly, which is a thing we never do....such a treat.

I made a bacon and egg pie, the type where you break the eggs in whole.  There's something very comforting and picnicy about the yellow yolks and the salty bacon.

I also made cheese muffins from a recipe that Nattie from the lovely blog, Florence and Rose devised...highly recommended they were scrummy....these and a few crisps, cakes and pizza and it was a feast fit for a king....or  my hungry family!

So last week was finished well and in to the new week we began....maybe this is where it all went a bit pear shaped...

Biggest boy is on a school camp this week, what an excited boy with horse riding, karting, swimming, archery, dry-slope skiing all on the rota. We were planning on finishing the week tomorrow with a family tea-party (I know, more food) to mark his ninth birthday, which is next week.....

Sounds like a plan?

Middle boy got sent home from school on Tuesday with a headache...which actually, as it turns chicken pox.....everyone, bar my mum and dad have cancelled coming over to the tea party, so we are 17 people down. I am dreading telling my son when he arrives home, it will be another thing his middle brother 'has done wrong!'

I also can't help but think we may now have six weeks of spots, but then if we're going to do it, let's not do it by halves!


I've done some useful stuff this week like dead-head lots of shrubs, mow the lawn, tackle 'the cupboard'(which you can now walk into again).

I've picked up this put it down and begin a blanket for my cousin's first baby.

All in a days work!

So here's hoping that your weeks have been slightly better organised, less spotty and more peaceful than mine!

Before I should all pop over to Jooles' lovely blog Sew Sweet Violet where she is having the most lovely giveaway for her blogiversary, you can win a pretty patchwork needle case, or the lovely bird pocket bunting good is that!

Have a great weekend.x


  1. Love the stitch you chose for this blanket! And the butterfly motifs are just precious. Love the pic of you with your children. How sweet!

  2. I love the butterflies! I'm glad your mother's day went well :).

  3. What a lovely post ... your crocheted butterflies are beautiful.

  4. A bacon and egg pie? I love the sound of that, I must try and find a recipe, perfect picnic fodder.
    Your sewing looks great to me and I love the colours of your blanket, and the butterflies and, in fact, all of it.

  5. Everything you do always looks great to me! I especially like the unique colors in that baby blanket. I must say that as I read your post I totally understood what kind of week that was--because I have them too--I would call them scattered!
    Hoping chicken pox goes through quickly and you can check that off our mom to-do list!

  6. Oh no not chicken pox! I guess it's the "season" for it. I do hope it soon starts to clear and that you may be able to make alternative party plans?
    What a pretty crochet butterfly Faith and oh that blanket looks gorgeous too. I think us crafty girls are all the same with our 101 projects we have on the go... I wish i didn't get bored so easily and was more disciplined to finish one at a time :0)
    I hope your weekend is full of love and sunny-sunshine xox

  7. Ah, poor spotty boy! Chicken pox is miserable - I can still remember having it vividly - ugh. Hope he's feeling a bit perkier now.
    Now, HOW did I miss your amazing jumper?? I can't believe I've only just seen it - it's brilliant - clever, clever you!
    Have a great (sunny) weekend
    Emily x

  8. Those butterflies are really pretty. Hope you and your family survive the chicken pox without going crazy. Good luck to you.

    1. I do hope your boy isn't feeling unwell with the chickenpox. It is a nuisance but better to get it out the way I think. I remember when my girls were little, I deliberately let them play with a child who had chickenpox so they would get it. Sounds mean I know but I've seen adults with chickenpox and it is so much worse than when you have it as a child.
      I love the colours in the blanket of your second last photo. The pattern is very pretty too.
      Good luck with the sick boy and birthday celebrations.
      Anne xx

  9. Your little guys are so cute. Better get the chicken pox over and done with now than have one of them come down with it later on.

    Love that lacy zigzag blanket, and the butterflies, and the cards. There is a special foot for the sewing machine - I can't for the life of me think of the name but I always think of it as the "hopping" foot because it kind of jumps up and down with each stitch. Free-motion foot?

    The picnic tea sounds delicious.

  10. Love the butterflies and love the blanket you are doing! As for the chicken pox, the Goatmother says to tell you that she actually caught it from the goatdaughter and goatson. At least it was all over with at one time, as you say. Hope it works that way for you, minus the catching it yourself! :)

  11. Hello Faith..I just love your happy, heart warming post...the photo of you and your boys is so lovely and your bacon and egg pie and cheese muffins sound delicious!
    Your free-hand sewing looks wonderful Faith...maybe it will encourage me to have a try!
    Far better to get the chicken pox over now for your boys as it can definitely be very nasty in later years...
    Wishing you a happy weekend,
    Susan x
    Happy ninth birthday to your lovely son...I hope he has a truly wonderful day !!

  12. I love our butterflies, and the sewing looks awesome from over the net! The blanket is stunning, youve chosen such lovely colours! Jxx


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