Friday, 16 March 2012

A stitch in time......

As I mentioned last week, I've been doing a fair bit of sewing of fact, I think I have started a bit of a love affair with it all, as I have not only done some pretty things, but I have finally got around to some nagging jobs too.......trousers now fit little bottoms (alas.....not mine....... it could never be classed as little) and joy of joys, those massive sofa cushions that I saved about three years ago, meaning to give  a new lease of life, have had just that.....I am a little smug as I was told I was probably not the best person for the job, but some checked material later ( I sew along the lines...super easy!) and the boys have some floor cushions.

Anyway, along with that, I also finished the birthday present cushion.....

So here is how it went.....

I did buy one of those washable-offable pens, which the bigger boys used, but it wasn't as good as it said on the tin, so littlest ended up just using a pencil.

Much sewing later........

A time piece I think, designed by the fair hands of my three boys and sewn by me.

I didn't end up using all those lovely bits and bobs from The Crafty Fish, as the cushion kind of spoke for itself....but there will always be other projects.........

As we head in to the weekend, hope you all have sunny cheerful days where ever you are.x


  1. What a fantastic idea - love it, definitely one to treasure!
    Have a great weekend,
    Sandra x

  2. Very sweet Faith.. look at the concentration on the little one's face as he draws round his hand! That will be a family treasure for sure. I love the idea of working with checked material so that you can follow the lines! My hubby said you could used dotty fabric and do 'dot to dot' too...he knows my sewing skills so well! Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Jill x

  3. What a treasure for sure! And your cushions are such a wonderful idea-one your boys will love for years to come. I sure miss my 'little' boys who are all grown up when I look at yours! Your hand print pillow reminded me of the year that my husband, (yes, my husband!) sewed me one like that with all four kids hands on it for Mother's Day. I was blown away by his talent! ;)
    *smiles and happy weekend to you*

  4. Awesome cushions what a fab fan idea! I love them.

  5. That cushion is fabulous!! What a great usable beautiful time capsule of your boys!!

  6. I am seriously in love with that cushion with the drawings! I particularly like the guy on the far right that looks like he has three hairs on his head. He is awesome. Well, they all are, but I really like him. What a grand idea and one you will cherish! You are too inventive. Plus you have about the cutest little guys around. (Don't tell them I said that. They would probably say, "Ewwwwww....!") :)

  7. Not just sewing, but embroidery too ... what a wonderful cushion. I love the bird and the mushroomy people. I can remember drawing just like that when I was little! A happy weekend to you.

    1. I just love that cushion.
      Anne xx

  8. Faith, that is such a beautiful and memorable idea. It's just full of love and joy for celebrating your beautiful boy's.I wish I had done something similar when Alice was little but I didn't really sew much then! This will be such a treasure over the years to come, you've captured a little history forever. I love it xox

    ps. your cardigan came out top trumps! I am well impressed and need to take a leaf out of your book with completing projects. I have about 4 on the go at the mo :0) Happy weekending xox

  9. That is the cutest thing ever. I love the cushion your boys made. That is definitely something I am going to do with my little one in the future although it looks tricky. You are very talented!

    Helen xx

    Oh and well done on the cardigan, it looks great!

  10. WOW...your cushion is IN.CRED.IB.LE!!! what a fabulous idea, i so wish i had thought about that when mine were little, what a keepsake.
    Well done on the floor cushions have great ideas x
    love jooles x

  11. It's gorgeous, and such a great idea for a cushion, I love it!

  12. Pure sweetness ... a true heirloom!

  13. What a beautiful cushion and such wonderful drawings. It makes it so special!!
    I made my mum a mothers day cushion and so wish i'd added some drawings!! I must remember and pin (if you don't mind) for next year xx

  14. I love the home designed sewing what a treasure... Ive just got a darning foot to give some of that a go myself. I chuckled about your cushions- I actually try to find checks or stripes when Im sewing cushions and curtains... makes life a whole lot easier!!

  15. That cushion is quite fabulous.....and genius.........I love little peoples drawings, they are soooo inspiring and often quite apt.
    This is a lovely blog you have here...
    Nattie x

  16. What a wonderful idea for a cushion it's just fabulous.

  17. I absolutely LOVE your projects! Completely awesome and I'm definitely going to get the kids to make some of those as they will love them so much forever!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Am pinning it!


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