Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas ornament swap 2013

You may remember some time ago (in October?) I joined in with Christina Lowry's lovely ornament swap with much enthusiasm and excitement as Christmas IS my favourite time of year.

I had an idea of crocheting some baubles and went about looking at various people's patterns for making a ball.  I settled on this pattern here, as it sounded to make the firmest, most spherical ball.  The jury's out actually as to whether that is true, as unlike the pattern writer, I found the halves hard to match and sew together invisibly.....probably my bad maths (increasing), losing count while trying to listen to children's natter and yep, not using a stitch marker...will I never learn!

I used Kingcole Riot and the jewel colour changing suited the project well I thought.

I made about five of these, but in all honesty, the others are still languishing at the bottom of a project bag somewhere.....ah, well, just think how far ahead of the game I will be for next year!

So, as all good swaps go, as I made something, I also received something....I was not disappointed and received a beautiful patchwork tree from the clever  Elisabeth of  Sharks Dinner.  She has a pretty blog, and is brilliantly talented at all things sewing.....check it out.

Thank you so much Christina  for organising such a lovely swap!  My new decoration is just gorgeous!

(I am not ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged for over a month, just choosing not to clutter this post with 'other stuff')


  1. What beautiful ornaments, I really like your baubles! The colour is lovely too.
    What a cute Christmas tree too.
    All the best for the new year x

  2. Hey, ho! I am SO glad to see you back!!!!!! Beautiful ornaments ... the ones you made and the one you received. It's all good. Christmas can go on for awhile as far as I'm concerned. :)

  3. Beautiful decorations!

    I especially love the yarn you used, super colours.


  4. Hello Faith
    How I have missed you! I do hope all the moving and 'in-between' moments have been ok. Your baubles make a festive treat and your pretty Christmas tree a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree xox Here's to a joyous and blessed 2013 to you and yours x Penelope

  5. I love your variegated baubles! And the Christmas tree is darling! What a lovely swap! Hope your new house feels like home now that it's had a Christmas in it - always makes a difference, I think. Happy New Year, Faith! E x

  6. Missed you Faith. Welcome back. I think your ornaments are lovely you say you are already ahead for next year as long as you can remember where you put them. Hope 2013 will bring health, happiness and all that you wish for. Joan

  7. Such lovely home made ornaments.....xx

  8. How are you, Faith? I have been hoping we would hear from you again soon - are you all unpacked and settled in to the new home?

    The ornaments are so beautiful, and the gold embroidery really sets off that rich yarn.

    Hope you'll all have a happy New Year!

  9. Nice to see you back on your blog ... love your ornaments! Wishing you a happy new year.

  10. Been thinking of you too Faith--hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright, and along with that, I am sending you Happy New Years cheer! Your ornaments turned out beautifully and the yarn suited the pattern perfectly. Hope to see an update on your new life soon--

  11. December can be such a crazy, race car month, yeah? Glad to read all is well and you're back online.
    I think b/c you used variegated yarn, the two halves didn't have to perfectly match up as variegated yarn can go anywhere. That is a sweet, patchwork Christmas tree ornament you received there. What fun it is to remember every December where and who it came from.

    1. Oh, and Hau oli Makahiki Hou! May your 2013 be full of even more smiles, love, and wonderful surprises.

  12. Love your crochet baubles, Faith, especially the teal one.
    Thank you very much for being so nice about my little Christmas tree. I have to admit I loved making it.
    Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope 2013 will be kind to you.


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