Monday, 31 December 2012

Bye, bye 2012!

I've pondered how to sum up 2012, and after much beginning and then backspacing, I've decided to just keep schtum......We got to about five weeks ago and then .....well, it really doesn't deserve the blog-space. It is sufficient to say that my family and I are dearly looking forward to the New Year.

Amongst the rubbish there have been a plethora of are some recent ones.

(I giggled nervously as we drove through the monkey enclosure.....not sure I really 'enjoyed' it as I was feeling a little stressed that this cute monkey and his friends would make mincemeat of our car!)

Looking back at my last  new year's eve post, I see we went for a wood walk, and today we were also up to our ankles in mud and rain, trekking through my favourite walk in the trees.....lets hope there is far more of that in 2013!

In 2013..........

I am hoping to find  our things which are still waiting to be discovered in one of the many boxes we moved but haven't  yet opened. 

I am planning to over-do the sparkle that was somewhat sparse this Christmas.

I will make it my personal mission to discover whether a traditional English trifle should be jelly-less (this one has caused some debate in the most unlikely of situations).....please feel free to add your two-pence worth.

I will wear vests.

I will read.

I will again contemplate the idea of swimming in the sea everyday........contemplate.........

I will knit socks

D'you know.....I've cheered myself with the endless possibilities that 2013 holds....I've reminded myself how much I love being part of this little community.....thank you for making my year!



  1. Here's to a better brighter 2013 for you! Love your plans for this coming year ;-)

  2. Lovely Faith, it's been a joy following you on your blog this year and I too feel rather excited and of course optimistic about the possibilities this fresh new year will bring. here's to love and light and blessings to all those we love and cherish as we go bravely into 2013 xox Penelope

    1. ps. the swimming in the sea bit has always remained on my "contemplation" list, just need courage now to DO IT !

  3. Happy new year!

    On the point about the trifle, my MILs recipe was new to me, certainly no jelly to be seen.

    In a trifle dish place a sliced Swiss roll
    On to that pour the juice from a time of fruit with sherry added
    Then pour on the fruit from the tin
    Next pour a tin of rice pudding over the fruit
    On top finish with a tin of custard
    (On special occasions she now adds whipped cream, but it doesn't need it!)
    Leave for a while for the sponge to soak up the juice, then enjoy.

    Very stodgy and full of calories but Christmas isn't the same without one.

  4. Oh Faith, I'm so sorry that your year wasn't everything you wanted (I'm guessing the last few weeks especially weren't good). Unpack your yarn and paints, shortlist some sock patterns and enjoy the sun. Happy new year to you and your lovely family.

  5. Have missed you Faith. Hope the house move went well. Don't worry about Christmas, there will always be more and you can overdo the tinsel and decorations as much as you want!

    Take care and Happy New Year!

    Helen xx

  6. Oh Faith, I hope all is well with you and yours - sending cwtches your way for a 2013 that is all you want. Thank you for your lovely posts here and so many kind comments at my blog too xxx

  7. Faith, I think 2012 kicked a lot of us in the behind, for many reasons. You are looking forward to 2013 with some very wonderful thoughts. I am glad I have your friendship, a bonus of 2012.
    Hugs to you and Happy 2013.

  8. Here't to a brighter New Year, Faith. I hope 2013 is brighter and calmer for you. I echo what others have said, especially the part of about lots of time in the future for abundant tinsel--Following your blog this year has brought me joy--and I always appreciate your sweet comments on my blog.
    *smiles and hugs*

  9. Schtum. Is that a real word? :) 2012 can just get far far behind us all as far as we are concerned here. I happen to know 2013 is going to be way better all the way around. If it isn't, send it my way and I shall butt it a time or two. Three for good measure. Happy New Year...and it WILL be just that!!!! (P.S. You have the cutest *kids* simply anywhere. :)) Hugs!

  10. Hey Faith... I was hoping you would post for the new year... it sounds as if the move didn't go too smoothley.. but at least it is over... and now you can plunge head forth into the new year :) I hope you and yours are well and happy.. and that 2013 will be a fantastic year for you all...long may our friendship in bloggyland continue :) Happy New Year to you, Mr. Faith and all the little Faithlettes, Hugs, xx

  11. I love that photo of the boys - Eldest being responsible, Middle stiff as a ramrod and Youngest clowning around.

    Wishing you a warm and happy New Year. I hope to knit socks too - a first for me. I would swim in the sea with you if I could - one of my favourite things to do.

    P.S. Though I know nothing whatsoever about it, I think a trifle should be jelly-less. :)

  12. You got through it though! Here's to a great 2013 for you all, I'm looking onward to following you along the way!
    Kate x

  13. Happy New Year!!! On of my commitments for 2013 is to read also. I'm ashamed to say that I had only read about 4 books in 2012. Here's to 2013....the year of the book.

  14. How lovely to see you back in your bloggy space Faith ... I know when things get tough I find great comfort in mine. So may 2013 be the best year yet for you, your family and your blog :D

    And on the subject of trifle ... no jelly ... when trifles first came into existence gelatine was used for things like calves feet!

  15. I'm so sorry you've had a difficult few weeks. It's so lovely to have a blog post from you and catch up a little bit.
    I am fascinated by the trifle thing. I made one recently, on reflection I think it lacked something... Jelly probably. I shall await your verdict with interest and wish you a very happy 2013.

  16. Hey Faith, 3 days into the new year and I hope all is's blue sky and sunshine here and the temps. soaring to 41deg. tomorrow, uggh!!
    Enjoyed reading your list of goals for the new year......knitting a pair of socks is on my list too.....
    Swimming in the sea everyday....I would be happy to live close enough for a walk along the beach once a week.
    I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for all of you, full of fun, love, laughter and creativity.

    Claire x

  17. P.S. Forgot to add my 2 cents worth......the only trifles I've ever made/eaten all had jelly, wouldn't be the same without it.
    Never knew jellyless trifles existed....

    C x

  18. I really liked reading your honest thoughts and admire your brush to the side manner of the challenges you've had in 2012. Your sunny optimism is comforting and full of smile. Wishing you new, fun adventures and heartwarming, new memories.

  19. Hello Faith,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. ok there got you down for the book giveaway and I am your newest follower too now :-)

    A very happy New Year to you too

    Amanda :-)

  20. Happy New Year to you lovely Faith and your gorgeous boys!...I hope 2013 is a wonderful one full of all good things for you all...
    I do like the sound of the traditional trifle without jelly and have seen a lovely recipe somewhere (it may have been Delia's!)although have never made one that way myself. It's great to make plans for a new year, isn't it?..I've made so many I've had to stop as I would have no way of managing it all but I love the thought of attempting so many new projects!..I'll look forward to visiting you and seeing your lovely creations through the year..and yes, I think you should definitely over-do the sparkle too!
    Susan x


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