Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wednesday walk - 12.06.13

What a difference a week makes hey?  Last week, blue skies and sunshine, this week, grey and damp.  This is where I started this week's walk, just up past these two white buildings and then on up the side of the cliff. 

When you get to the top, it looks a bit like this....that's what I like about coast path walking, it's a real pat on the back to look back and see how far you've come.  At this stage of the walk I was full of enthusiasm and energy..........

One sticky-outy (Yes, Marigold, there I go again) bit further on

Through some woods.........thinking to myself....this really is lovely, peaceful, I'm getting fitter and I have some thinking time.........

It wasn't long after this bit when I came across a bit of the path which hadn't been cut, so I plough on in, thinking, 'ah well, nothing else for it'  Waist high grass and bracken, holding all the rainwater from yesterdays downpours.....jaw clenched....head down.....marching....Chester leaping up while he walked to see above the long grass. 

I was beginning to think I had made an awful visible path, close to the cliff edge.  Then I hear the distant rumbling of a lawnmower and there in the distance are two men from the council cutting the grass....Stopping to talk to them, they tell me that its the only part of the 133 mile path that hasn't been cut....just this part, about a I wish I'd known!  As I headed on (on the newly cut, clear path) I can hear my feet squelching (as if someone has emptied a glass of water in each boot)  I wondered if the council men were smirking at the sight of me, soaked through (even to my underwear) with squelchy feet!

So things started looking remarkably brighter....but I had a impending dread starting to formulate in my head....

You see my long worked on, two at a time, toe-up socks....had been sitting in my drawer waiting for their first outing.....can you see where this is going?

So with every step and every squelch I am thinking about my socks....I'm thinking about the lovely colours, the stitch definition.....

Edge of the cliff....and rocks out to sea, but look a bit closer.......

Doesn't the tail end of it look like a sea monster?

So this is where I decided enough was enough...oh that was after a tripped over a large stone in the path and landed like a sack of spuds in a star-fish pose.....the people who were only about 15 metres ahead must have been deep in conversation, as they didn't turn when I hit the deck and made a large grunt....maybe it was a good thing, as I struggled back up covered in mud, and felt a little sorry for myself. 

Looking on, I could see there was still a good way to go, so I did the sensible thing and phoned home, arranged a pick up time and place and stepped up the pace.

By the time I got to the car, I was hot and bothered and a little disappointed that I hadn't completed my intended walk...but hey.......ten miles done....

My socks........felted........


  1. I'm glad you did your walk even though in difficult conditions. I'm sorry about your socks though.
    Anne xx

  2. Oh Faith, as soon as you mentioned the socks I had a feeling they had felted, you poor sweet thing. All that work on those beautiful socks and with the combination of the wetness and the movement of your feet they felted, I thik you need to have a pecial pair of socks for a walk like this and make sure you buy them.
    Hugs to you,

  3. ten miles?! Well done...but I too am sorry to hear about your lovely socks!

  4. Oh no! Perhaps you could make something out of them, and then you could still appreciate the colours of the wool, though of course they wouldn't be socks any more...
    Lovely headland views. I like the sea monster.

  5. Well done on the 10 miles and on taking some fab pic's. Loved the sea monster, that is so a sea monster btw ! Sorry to hear about your beautiful wonderful socks.

  6. Actually I rather like the word 'sticky outy'. It is has the ability to wreak powerful images in my head. :) Watson,our fainting goat, can commiserate with you on taking the 'splat' and ending up covered in mud. This happens to him quite often, especially when Ella is involved. Perhaps you are merely a fainting human and didn't realize. :) 10 miles, though? You GO!

  7. Oh Faith! Let the thought of those 10 miles support you in your socky grief ... after all the socks were sacrificed in a worthy cause. But I am so sorry to hear about the felting. Perhaps they can enjoy new life as potholders, or mug cosies, or a cute stuffed toy. Or even mittens.

    What a very gorgeous walk that was - and I am glad you didn't mention mosquitoes! (I hope there were none. My legs are a perfect constellation of mosquito bites right now.) Those views are stunning, grey skies or not. And the sea monster is wonderful.

    Good luck with your training! :)

  8. Oh no! Your socks felted from the wet and walking? Oh boy. How your heart must have fallen. So sorry. On the other hand, what a beautiful walk despite the squelching.

  9. Oh no, your lovely socks! (I knew there was more than one good reason why I refuse to knit clothes for feet ;) )

    Hope any bruises have faded and you managed to stride out again this week :D

  10. Hi Faith...I love your walks and I almost missed this one...(In fact, I think you could be doing a Wednesday walk right now!)
    You've just made me think about why I never knit socks..too much hard work involved to go on my feet anyway!
    Well done on another 10 miles...very impressive...keep up the good work!
    Susan x

  11. 10 miles sounds really good to me Faith. I hope you didn't hurt yourself being nasty I have to say I would have liked to see a photo of your star-fish pose :-)
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your cliff walk you must surely feel great after it,tired perhaps but great. Where was it? Lets see popping back in your post again....nope can't see any clue to where....but ...its looks a wonderful walk.

    The rocks.... a dragon with his head under the water.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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