Sunday, 3 November 2013

Year of projects - 03.11.13

So if I just sneak in at the back, quietly and not make too much of a scene d'you think anyone will realise I've not updated my year of projects progress for....uuummmmm....six weeks.......

Somewhere along the line I have a three/four post cork which is stopping progress.  I have a post about the long-gone summer, two posts at least about Austria and then one about our walking adventures...but it can't go on, and I have to get back on track...I hope to get them done in the next week (or ten!)

So onto all things YOP.  I have finally got around to blocking my New Beginnings shawl by the brilliant Boo Knits.  I started this shawl while we were on holiday in Austria...this is the one that I posed with on the glacier at Grossglockner...(to answer the question, it was totally posed...if I had actually sat there to knit I think my hubby would have had a huge melt down!)

This is a beautiful shawl, I used a lace weight yarn that I bought at Wonderwool last year.  The colours are gorgeous and although would probably make most think of the ocean (especially with the ripple waves) for me it reminds me of the melted glacier waters in Austria.

I did buy beads to add on in the end rows, but decided near the end to leave them out and do the alternative straight edge.  I love my Quite Continental shawl with the beaded edge but I wanted something simpler this time.

While I've been putting off blocking the shawl, I have joined a KAL for Josee Paquin's Miranda sweater I was lucky to buy some Rowan silk-mix yarn from a clearance bin online and away I went.  Its a top down in the round sweater and when I get to it, it will be hooded also. 

Its a great knit so far, although I haven't understood the increases during the cable section, so have decided to do it my own way (which could actually be the way you are supposed to do it, but I'm being blonde!)

So there we have it....this is a little bit of the goings on....... with the sudden downturn in the temps and the wind and rain, I'm seeing some more woolly things down the road.  This week I am going to Birmingham NEC to the Christmas Craft Show after being a lucky winner of a pair of tickets from Sarah Crafts from the Cwtch I am hoping to come back with lots of inspiration and maybe a small pressie, as it has been far too long since there was such a thing around these parts.

I expect everyone is doing a somewhat better job of keeping up to date than me...check out there stories here.


  1. Have a great time at the Christmas Craft show, I am sure you are going to see some amazing things. Love the shawl and your current project.
    Hugs to you Faith,

  2. The shawl is lovely and I think that is so neat that you made something that was inspired by your trip. You'll always remember it when you use that shawl. I've missed your blogging but you haven't missed much on mine as I am a slow boat to China! Even though I 'm doing smaller projects! LOL! Good to have you back!

  3. Gorgeous shawl! I bet that jumper will be perfect!
    So pleased to see your posting!
    Hope you have a brilliant time at the Christmas show!!

  4. I thought of glaciers too when I saw your photo ... possibly because you had just mentioned one, but also because that lovely yarn reminds me of the colours of ice and snow in winter shade. What a gorgeous shawl.

    So glad to hear from you! I'm having a hard time blogging right now too - life is just busy. Looking forward to your other posts. :)

  5. I can totally see the glacialness of that colourway. I had the opportunity to hike the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta many years ago. And that Miranda sweater is gorgeous!

  6. I seem to know quite a bit about this. :) Oh, well. Pick up and go forward. Six weeks is a pittance in the grand scheme of things, isn't it? :) Your shawl is quite boo-tiful! :) Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? Oy. :)

  7. I'm a science blogger..and I needed to spend a lot of time with that and have not blogged for about 6 weeks also..didn't know you were away (ha ha)..glad you are updating now...

  8. Ohhhh your back, great I've missed popping by but boy look what you've been up to. Your shawl is just fantastic!! The sweater looks awesome and after the great job you did on the last one I'll bet this one also turns out perfect. Enjoy the show and bring home something nice for yourself, do show us though lol.

  9. Welcome back!!! I love the shawl.

  10. The shawl is lovely and the colours are perfect. I think the cables look fine, just like they were intended! Have fun at the show ;-)

  11. Welcome back! My break from blogging started last year and I've only started again a few weeks ago! So I'm admiring you getting back on track so fast :) The shawl and it's colors are amazing! I can't wait to see more of your sweater, because I'm already in love with it! Have fun at the Christmas Craft Show!

  12. The Christmas craft show sounds splendid. What a great start to this sweater. I love how there's just that panel of cables that are eye catchy.

  13. Hello Faith!

    That pretty pink sweater is calling out to me! It looks very similar to one Alicia Paulson knitted up for Amelia recently. Am I right?

    And the New Beginnings shawl is in my list of favourites on Ravelry. Yours looks very lovely indeed.

    Warmest wishes,



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