Sunday, 10 November 2013

Year of projects - 10.11.13

So don't fall off your chair, but I might just have pulled off two weeks in a row (although that does actually depend on me pressing publish!)

This first picture is a ravelry pattern which I thought would make a good gift for a friend who has just had a baby boy.  (I've looked through all the patterns on ravelry and for some weird reason, none of them look familiar so I'm not sure which one I used!)  I made it with two different yarns, Picasso by Robin and Sirdar Click both at a bulky weight, so the finished blanket was quite heavy, I'm not sure if this would make a better floor mat for that reason.  I've wanted to make a star since seeing the beautiful one made on HillyTownBlue probably over a year ago.  Mine didn't end up growing that big and I think I maybe didn't count carefully as it didn't sit as well as it might have.....

I  hoped my Miranda would have been finished this week, but  I  have still not been able to cast on for the hood.....but I am getting there.....maybe next week.

Well this week, as I told you  last Sunday, my friend and I went to Christmas Crafts at the NEC in Birmingham.  I was lucky enough to win tickets from Sarah at Crafts from the Cwtch

 There was plenty to see, do and to spend your pennies on.  We tried our hands at some Decopatch and also Fimo modelling.  We also spent ages rifling through this huge pile of reduced wool  at one stall, it would have been tempting to just launch yourself in, but I restrained myself!

So I bought..........some yarn, some bags of ribbon, some decopatch bits and bobs (see the big ram's head?) a rainbow quilt starter set from Dickory Dock Designs (a lovely stall with so many colourful fabriccy things for kids), some paper strips to make 3-D stars for the Christmas tree, some embossing inks and powders...oh, and lots of inspiration (which was free!)

(My friend's fimo creations left, mine right)

The fimo tutorial was brilliant, I learnt a few techniques which were just genius and I brought my little stash of things home and baked them in the oven.

Anyway, I know this post has been a little off track, but wanted to share my lovely day with you all....I know that some of the makes that I show off in future will have been inspired by this day out.

I felt quite christmassy seeing all the festive ideas around me, so I thought I would put together a couple of things to offer as a giveaway on my blog. 

So here you are, if you would like to have a chance to win the above Scandinavian Christmas 3-D Star Kit (plus a few extra bits to inspire you, hopefully), then leave a comment below.  I'm not worrying about where it gets posted to, so go right ahead and add your name to the hat, why don't you!

To see other Year of Project work, check out the Ravelry page here.


  1. Hello lovely
    Your Star has turned out beautifully. I like heavy baby blankets I think they give an extra sense of security and snug-ness. Lucky winning those tickets and looks lie a fun day out. Whenever I have tried Fimo in the past I always end up burning it!! ha ha
    Thanks for this lovely give away Faith, I have been meaning to do one on my blog for a while now. I just need to collect a few more bits. Happy week ahead. I'm so glad you are back with your blogging, I've missed you. xox Penny
    ps. Those DPN's in my recent past are made from rosewood and are square. I really LOVE knitting with them, the square needles are really comfy to use x

  2. I'm not entering the giveaway but wanted to comment on your fun post. Christmas Fairs are so fun. My mum and I used to go to the Harvest Festival here but haven't in ages. I love the Christmas cheer and warm, holiday feeling you get from such an environment. You got yo do some cool stuff! Good for you on going.

  3. I'm now entering your giveaway, I just wouln't have time to use those fabalous gifts so someone else who would should get the opportunity but I did just want to comment on how fab your fimo turned out and it looks like such fun the fair and I'm hoping you will show us all you make from your inspiration being there. The blanket is gorgeous, I've yet to try a star, it's on the list but then what is not! Miranda will be finished this week I'm sure of it. Glad to have you back. :)

  4. Oh, how inspiring was your fair?!?!?! I love those but haven't been in years. I love your's one of my favorite shapes and I may have to give that a try! Like I need another project! LOL! I think I won your last giveaway so don't enter me...give someone else a chance. Thanks for sharing your fair going with us!

  5. I'm jealous...that looks like such a good time..I must google decopatch..I'm not sure what it is ohh a give a way... yay..what fun! thanks mary

  6. Oh, wow,I've always wanted to go to that show at the NEC. But, I can imagine plenty of pennies could be spent.
    Take care

  7. Your star looks lovely, such a beautiful gift! Oh I'd love to go to a fair like that once, but I'm sure I'd spend soooo much money. Nice fimo-ing as well! Lovely give-away, I'm in!

  8. Oh, that fair looks like fun. I love Fimo crafts but have problems when it comes to the baking stage - they never seem to get really solid without burning. Yours are lovely!

    I like your star blanket - and as it's going to get crumpled up by a little fist and dragged all over the place, a few imperfections don't really matter. (But it looks perfect to me.) :)

    A giveaway! Put my name in the hat, please. I'm having a giveaway myself this month - thanks for reminding me to get on the ball!

    P.S. The sweater is going to be beautiful. Nice cable pattern!

  9. Hmmm, I thought with the little babies the whole point was to toss the blanket on the floor for the infant to roll around on. Ergo, a floor-mat-like blanket ought to be just perfect! Besides, it looks great!

    Love seeing the pics of the Christmas festival. I need all the inspiration I can get because I'm really not in a Christmas mood yet. For a crafter, that could be dire.


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