Sunday, 5 January 2014

Year of projects - 05.01.14

So I'm guessing we must be around six months in and I know I am not half way through my planned makes, but hey ho....I have six months to work on it!

First up, was a Christmas present I made for my Mum.

Made in three different yarns, almost four, but I reigned myself in!  This was knit with two different shades of four-ply sirdar snuggly, the third was a part ball that I bought in Wonderwool last year.

It is another wonderful pattern, not a uniform shape like the other shawls I have knit.  You knit the first triangle, then cast off and pick up stitches along one side.  The curves are formed with short rows...but what really grabbed me, is the is all about the stripes.

To finish of the gift, I bought another beautiful shawl pin from Begemmed this time with a Mother of Pearl stone to set off the hammered finish......another beautiful piece.

Changing up the 'soothing on the eyes' colours, you may want to reach for your sunnies! 

I have finally finished my Little Woollie Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket This has been my post Christmas crocheting project.  I have picked it up and put it down over the past year and a has been a fun project....and the finished blanket has already been snapped up by my littlest boy....that makes me smile from ear to ear when the things I make are claimed before they are finished.

This was made with Stylecraft Special DK mainly, and a few other acrylics thrown into the mix, it has certainly knocked back some of the weight off my yarn shelves.

The only complaint I have (and this is down to my own incompetence not the pattern) is that I seriously messed up the size.  When I finished the last stripe, I held it up in pride, only to realise it was way out along the sides....I had obviously not been careful enough making the same stitch count  as I went along each different stripe and over the course of the blanket lost loads of width.  I started out unravelling each side on the wider end, but even with hours of work, it was still very trapezoid shaped.  I almost put it away to forget about it, but decided to be done with it, so I've put borders on and I'm just not going to look at it laid out flat! (Head in the sand!)

So there we have it...I have started a new project on the list...a temperature blanket....but more on that next week!

To see more YOP work, check out the ravelry page here.


  1. I like all the tonal greys in your mum's scarf. I'm so into neutrals. The blanket is cuddly fun. They usually get stretched out from so much use so one can't tell. It's self-expression at with all the fun rows.

  2. Love the shawl you knit for your mom I can definitely see how it's all about the stipes and I'll bet she loved it. Love the blanket it's so bright and cheery and just right for this time of year snuggled up on the couch with it all tucked around you and then you won't ever have to see the edges ;) By the looks of it anyway your littlest lad doesn't give a hoot about the sides and is enjoying it :)

  3. First, the shawl is gorgeous, look how far your knitting skills have come, short rows, you are my hero!!!!! As for the blanket, gosh how frustrating, but who said a blanket has to be a rectangle? Maybe you are onto a whole new thing, I mean I like a wider end to cover my shoulders and narrower at my feet might be perfect. Look you are a genius with your new blanket shape discovery!

  4. Oh! That shawl looks amazing, I'm so jealous of your mom! ;-) I'd love to make something like that one day.. And that blanket is really fun, who'd even notice the sizing? Just look at the colors!!

  5. I'm sure your mum was thrilled with her beautiful shawl Faith and another very pretty shawl pin too...I do love them and I'm keeping them in mind if I make a shawl this year!
    Your latest blanket is gorgeously colourful (and the receiver is clearly very happy about his latest acquisition....very smart move to snap it up early! :-) )
    Happy Wednesday to you and your boys,
    Susan x

  6. The shawl is lovely and I can see why the blanket was so quickly claimed. Who's to say the trapezoidal shape isn't an intentional design? I bet it adds something fun to the blanket anyway.

  7. How did I miss you? One week I didn't post on YOP and there you are! LOL! So glad I am finally catching up. LOVE, love, love your Mother's gift and then with the hammered shawl pin to boot? You are a wonderful daughter. You had the same problem I did with the Blackberry Salad blanket. I want to make it but I keep messing up the rows evidently when I turn. Maybe I'll do scarves instead to practice...not such a big investment and maybe I can see what I'm doing wrong and catch myself at it. LOL! I can see if I did the little woolie striped one I'd run into the same thing probably. Dang it as I love those blankets. I'm going to try her washcloths in Tapestry crochet too.....washcloths are on my YOP list so I'm good.Ha!Ha! Give that little cutie pie a big smooch from me...he's so cute I can't believe you haven't eaten him up by now. Hugs......Sam

  8. Loving the shawl, nicely done. It's been all about stripes with me lately too.

    Hope all is well with you x


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