Thursday, 27 March 2014


Well, for a moment there, I was quite convincing, "I've made more than enough shawls", "I've got lots of other projects already started", "I haven't got any yarn that really lends itself for this", "There's house work to do"............

Hhhhhmmmmm.............see, you were pretty convinced weren't you?

I finished my Sunny Days Shawlette and within a couple of hours, I was downloading the pattern and looking at my woolly shelves.........

So I've made a start, but haven't had much time to actually knit, so I'm on ten loops, which may stay that way into next week as its a busy weekend ahead with biggest boy's eleventh birthday, bowling, eating cake, singing, get the picture.

Oh....but this is a lovely knit.....glad I joined in!

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So last week, I cast off my Sunny Days Shawlette and within hours I found myself pressing download on the pattern and 


  1. and....lovely colours too Faith like that combination of colours!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  2. It's lovely, I'm a big fan of shawls too - can't have too many.

  3. Isn't it a wonderful knit! Yours is looking wonderful!
    Miss Winkle is my first shawl, but I've fallen for quite a few of the designers other patterns too! It may well be the first of many!

  4. Yes, I've been there, too .... : )

  5. Good for you on finding another type of project that makes you happy. You are making a unique shawl and making it your own with two colorways.

  6. What a fun KAL! And you're such a daredevil with those two colorways, I'd probably never have dared that! But it's such a lively combo, can't wait to see it finished! Congratulations with your boy turning eleven!

  7. I think it is brilliant! love the colors and those fun loops. Have fun.


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