Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Wild West

I thought I'd share a few photos of the boys half term hols, all spent at home, and mostly at the beach it would appear!

I'm glad to say that the weather has been glorious for the past few days, very welcome after a few too many blastings of stormy weather.  We (the boys and I) have spent three weeks home alone while my hubby has been holidaying in the town he was born in, Fish Hoek, South Africa....happily he is home now, having had a fabulous time, and missing the worst of the storms.  The local builder looked after us well, and nearly all has been put back to rights.

The things that can't be put back so easily are our beautiful beauty.....different...

One morning, quite by chance, the boys and I happened to discover a new world, this is our closest beach, a small cove a stone's throw from our house, hidden down a set of steep steps.

The children spent a long time running through it all...'it's just like wonderland!'......I fooled a few, with my photos, into thinking we had had a freak snow storm....but no, those ferocious winds and stormy seas had made a beach filled with salty walking on clouds!

Another walk later on in the week, took us along the coast path, evidence of the storms was everywhere.

The path leads down to a  small beach which sits below the jetty from the refinery....the boys dragged all the detritus laying about, to make boats and dens.

Chester joined in the effort!

The holidays were pretty chokka with meeting up with friends, swimming lessons, soft play, housework, walking....ooh and a disco in a waterpark!

Our last trip of the week, to the same beach in the first few photos, showed us different scenes again.  I haven't got to hand photos of this beach just recently.....before the storms

Actually....Ive just found this one on my picassa album, this is the beach as we know it, with sand.....

.....and without's hard to comprehend how much the level of the beach has dropped by....the sand washed away, exposing the reef below.

This last picture was one of those 'by chance' moments.....the littlest boy hotfooting away from the waves which were running after him.....magical!


  1. Fabulous photos. I thought you'd had snow at first when I saw them. Will the sand be washed back on to the beach?

  2. Thou have some terrific shots here. Wow, that foam! Your boys look like they have so much energy that they could power a generator for a house.

  3. You got some really great shots there Faith and the boys look like they are having such fun!

  4. Wonderful photos, especially the amazing foam. Your boys remind me so much of mine. They would have loved to play on the beach there as well. Hope you all have a good week.

  5. Fabulous pictures, as always! As I write this we have a team of roofers crawling over our roof, the storms left us with water damage to every upstairs room and landing bar one. Luckily, it's covered under our NHBC guarantee and I can't wait to have my sewing room back to normal! I hope your damage wasn't too bad.

  6. Hmmm...I wonder if I'd like all that foamy stuff. But it looks rather fun, I must say. Looks like a wonderful holiday was had by all and Wow! Chester has grown! STILL have the world's cutest boys. :)

  7. Looks like a fun time Faith.


  8. You truly live in a wonderful area, all pictures just look amazing and your boys are cute! Happy to hear your family is complete again! :)

  9. Love that last shot. And I'm amazed by the change to the beach. I wonder how long it will be before the sand fills silts it up again.

  10. Amazing photos Faith...the foam is coincidence I've just left a friends blog who lives in Portugal and she has similar pics....something she has never seen before in her area...
    I love the last really captures a magic moment in time.x
    Happy Tuesday!
    Susan x

  11. Absolutely amazing photos today Faith. Love all the moments you have shared with us.

  12. Wonderful pics Faith, looks like the boys had so much fun amongst the foam.
    Can't imagine the damage done to the coastline and beaches.
    Glad to hear hubby had a wonderful holiday too........
    We've had some rain last night, thunder and lightning too, it was wonderful but plenty more rain needed.
    Hard to believe how opposite our weather is.

    Claire Xx

  13. I love these pics which I'd missed (so behind on my blog reading - life is hectic at the mo!) That last pic is especially precious :D xxxx


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