Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Isle of Iona

So, the second day of our Scottish holidays on the Isle of Mull and we ventured out of our very comfortable little cottage by the sea......

...........down the path.......onto a jetty and onto the Iona ferry.

Iona is actually only 1.2 miles from Fionnphort (where we are staying), but then my swimming's not that good, especially when I'm carrying our picnic.

The sun was shining and the sea was crystal clear, with pale soft sands to rival the poshest of beach resorts in the Caribbean.

Iona is a significant place within the Christian faith, as it was the site of an important monastery founded in 563AD by Columba.....it was a place of pilgrimage and reputedly where the famous Book of Kells was produced by monks on Iona.  Whether or not you go for any of that doesn't much matter, the place is stunningly beautiful, unspoilt, peaceful.........

St. Martin's Cross, dating back to the 8th century

After wandering around the grounds of the abbey and seeing the ancient cobbled road which led to a cemetery where Scottish kings are believed to be buried.....we picked our way up a good-sized hill called Dun I.  It was windy at the top, but we nestled in among some rocks (like some sensible sheep) and at our picnic lunch.

At the bottom, we saw this fluffy-coo with a few of his friends....

We walked around the island for a couple of hours more and soaked in the tranquillity of Iona......yes, tranquillity even with three noisy boys.

And lastly.....a long forgotten favourite band Iona.....probably (without remembering it until visiting Iona), the biggest influence in the instruments I play now.....funny how a visit to a new place can re-inspire something which I had somehow forgotten about........close your eyes, and let the music wash over you......


  1. I love when you travel because then I can see some amazing places. So glad you are having a great time and finding some time to knit and crochet. Your shawl turned out beautifully and the blanket is looking terrific.
    Have a great time,

  2. Isn't it the most beautiful place? My sis and I spent a day there, years ago. I adored it.

  3. I always promise myself I'll visit and never get around to it despite it not being that far, if you ignore the water etc. Adore hairy McGowans Toffee coos! Agree the beach scenes can rival the best of them when the sun shines but I dare you to venture into the water and not get rigor mortis before you get any higher than your ankles...lol!

  4. Glad the weather was kind! Looks gorgeous. We visited Mull & Iona before the children were born. Must go back!

  5. Sounds a wonderful place to holiday. Enjoy the rest of your time there. Congrats on finishing your shawl. What a backdrop to display it! Incredible!

  6. The water's beautiful. I love the arches.

  7. Thank you for sharing....the cabin I could picture myself in and long walks and the sea and the music was beautiful. I got your "funny ha-ha" too about the swimming with the picnic hamper on your back. I could just picture that too! LOL! You take the best vacations! Keep enjoying and sharing with us.

  8. Hey Faith, what a lovely place to visit and roam about. The beach sounds lovely and the water looks pristine and beautiful. I bet the boys had fun running and adventuring and using up some of their youthful energy.
    Love the coo....

    Claire Xx

  9. oh! gosh Faith that looks so peaceful,relaxing and....... me all over!!! Iona the magical Isle...fabulous


    Amanda x

  10. Gorgeous pics Faith and such a beautiful place...even the name Iona sounds so magical and it looks wonderfully peaceful and relaxing...your boys must have had a wonderful time...more special memories for them to look back on...x
    Hope you all have a great new week!
    Susan x

  11. What a beautiful post faith, I have visited Iona several times and loved having this reminder of happy childhood times.

  12. It looks like a beautiful place ... such clear water and lovely stone buildings!

    "Fluffy-coo" is a wonderful word. :)


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