Sunday, 20 April 2014

Year of projects - Happy Easter

Happy Easter one and all!

I'm not sure what its like elsewhere, but here it is glorious!

This week's YOP post is brought to you from sunny Scotland, we arrived in beautiful Fionnphort last night.  It's the first time we've been to Scotland, and we are not disappointed.

First up, I finished my Miss fact  finished it on the journey here, I've only recently discovered I can knit while being driven, which for me (terrible traveller) is a miracle.  We got stuck in a long queue at roadworks for best part of an hour, so out came the knitting.  I have yet to block it, but hopefully it will be done while we are here.

I've started a small baby blanket for a friend who has just had a baby boy....Yay!  Hopefully this will be mainly done by the end of the week.

After a lovely relaxed Easter Sunday roast (and a good bit of chocolate egg), we stretched our legs a bit, and took in our surroundings.

Littlest boy not being a bit put off by our feeling sorry for the rabbit after he had bitten his ears off!

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  1. Well that is disturbing......but Scotland looks glorious...

  2. Another lovely miss winkle! Well done!

  3. Lucky you, Scotland is beautiful. I'm glad you can knit while you travel. I can only do it for a short while at the end of a journey. It would be lovely if I could knit the whole time, but like you, I don't travel particularly well. I hope you have a really lovely time in Scotland. CJ xx

  4. You know how to have a holiday. Can I be part of your ohana? The shawl is so you and the baby blanket cute.

  5. Hello Faith!

    Why did you not pack me into your suitcase? Scotland is amazing and it certainly looks as though you are having fantastic weather. I'm so glad for you.

    Your shawl fits in perfectly into your surroundings too. I love the colours your chose!

    Happy holidays to you and your family, Faith. I had to avert my gaze from that poor earless rabbit :-)


  6. This has to be one of the prettiest Miss Winkles that I've seen, and absolutely the best project photo ... I have a thing about little wooden gates, and what a great view from this one :)

    Have a fab holiday Faith x

  7. Ooh I love how you've photographed your Miss Winkle too Faith....such a pretty photo!
    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family (I have Scotland on my list too :-) )
    Oh dear, poor bunny...I fear he may now no longer even exist!
    Have a wonderful break,
    Susan x

  8. Blue and white! So sunny! Go enjoy Scotland and Easter! Thanks for sharing the sunshine.

  9. Loving the views of Scotland, it's gorgeous weather here also, just perfect for Easter break. Haha love the disturbing picture and Miss Winkle is gorgeous I just love the splash of colour at the loops I think it's fab. I'm doing a ripple blanket also, it's such a great simple pattern isn't it.

  10. Love your Miss Winkle, the colour of the loops is lovely. Your baby blanket looks great, again lovely colours. We have committed a few rabbit atrocities ourselves!!

  11. That does it....I can't stand it...I HAVE to make a Miss Winkle!!!! I'm not even sure if I can wait until YOP14/15....although I need to start planning and ordering yarn. How nice to go to Scotland for Easter and although it was hard to look at the poor bunny..those blue eyes in the background probably melted them off...he's so darn cute. Your Miss Winkle is beyond words pretty. I love the ripple, of course and I need to start hitting some projects harder than I have been. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Easter!

  12. beautiful colors..
    that is one big chocolate bunny.

  13. During my extended blogging break I completely missed this KAL! I love your shawl, and what an amazing setting to photograph it.


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