Monday, 4 May 2015

knitting again!

I've been rather 'stuck' in a crochet rut recently, the offending article being a teeny-tiny baby blanket that should have been finished in a week, but actually ran to two months....ooooppppssss!

Anyway, the blanket is now hopefully, wrapped around its new owner....although, I am a little bothered that the weather has vastly improved since I started it!

So with blanket gone, I turned my attention to the yarn I bought in Cape Town....a multi-coloured dk with a lovely sheen....a bit fat chunky brightly coloured yarn....some pink banana yarn.....some deep green merino....

I seem to have caught a bug for knitting shawls at some stage, so I've been itching to break into the green lace-weight, looking for the opportunity, so when Sarah Crafts from the Cwtch  announced her make-along I was there!

So I've made a start, after much deliberation on Der Querdenker  I was tempted to download the pattern in German, but figured I may get myself into a real tangle.  The pattern uses a new-to-me method of doing short rows, swing-knitting, which I will let you know how I get on!

While I've only just begun, I am enjoying the colours so much, the blue yarn, is also one that came back from Cape Town last year when my well trained hubby bought me some back from his holiday.

I will be adding in another colour, but at the moment, it so reminds me of the bluebells in the garden.

After a grey and wet weekend (in which mein Mann decided to do his first trail run competition on the coast paths....28 miles later...wet, muddy and cold) today has been a pretty good Bank Holiday, so we got out with boys and dogs and did a 7-miler.

It has been busy, busy, busy around here....I have both my French and German open university courses finishing this month, with a final examiner assessment.  For the German, I have a live spoken assessment, that if I think about for too long, I start to feel queasy....learning a language is all very well and good....but actually speaking and being asked questions....a whole different ball game!

I've also been doing a huge amount of baking, unfortunately not for us all of the time.  I do love to cook, almost as much as I like to eat...

Anyway, one final picture of one of the puds I've made, lemon, mascarpone, frangipane and cherries....yum!


  1. So good to see you back again--I always enjoy seeing what you are creating. The blanket looks wonderful, and all your fun new yarns are going to look amazing. I was going to join in cwtch but I really didn't need another challenge!

  2. Your yarn is so pretty, the colours gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  3. I'm sure your blanket is well used. Blue and gray always go together. Your new shawl will be fun in this green and blue. Those colors are so you.

  4. Lovely to see you back and knitting again!!! Yay!!! Stunning wool from Cape Town ... I think I need to take a trip down there to stock up! Good luck with your courses! x

  5. Love the colors in the shawl. Those are my 2 favorite colors together.


  6. Wow Faith you have been so busy. Love the blanket and you next project. Good luck with your exams.


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