Friday, 24 February 2012

Reasons to be cheerful.....

Well, here I am, linking up with Planet Penny for the last time for a while with my

Reasons to be Cheerful!

As the weather is beginning to show signs of improving, the reasons for being cheerful are maybe more obvious....not so hard to think of.  I have to say the weather has been drab and rainy around here, but saying that it is lighter for longer and definitely think spring and what do you think of......

These are our first arrivals for 2012, twin lambs born yesterday..and another set of twins has come since. 

We sold most of our flock last year, so we only have 40 old girls due to lamb this year, and most of them will at least have twins, maybe some trips among them too, but being scanned so late made it hard to decipher. 

Our sheep are a unusual breed in that they shed their own fleece so therefore no need to shear....although the yarny lovers among you might be horrified at this idea, shearing is an expensive job with little return, wool production takes the nutrients to the wool not to the ewe's milk, and our ewes don't suffer with some of the horrible problems that woolly sheep do.

I love to see the lambs, this particular breed has thrifty lambs which stand very quickly to feed, and grow fast.....they will soon enough be out, running around the field worrying their frantic mums!

I have done loads of cooking and baking this week as we have had lots of family gatherings....I find the whole process of baking sooooo good for the soul.....the aroma of the above cake and a batch of blondies is filling our kitchen as I type......yummy!

I've finally sent off my squares for Stocki's Beautiful Bloggers Blanket.

You still have time to join in too if you're a fast crocheter........

Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed my taking part in the Reason's to be Cheerful each week....much thanks to Planet Penny for hosting it each week and bringing such cheeriness to our wintery days. 

Please do know that I will continue to be cheerful!


  1. What lovely cheerfulness!!!
    Your lambs are amazingly cute

  2. I love the baby lambs and love to see them in the fields. I think when baby lambs arrive you can start thinking of spring.
    That cake looks delicious and there is just something about baking that is good for the soul, enjoy your family gatherings.

  3. I did not know that about sheep; yet I still appreciate the wool shed by those who use their nutrients for that instead of (sniff, sniff) feeding their babies... pardon me while I shed a few more sad tears! :)

    I've always thought it would be so fun to raise sheep or alpaca, and seeing your babies gives me more motivation!

  4. Lovely crochet squares- I love that spiral pattern.
    And gorgeous sheep. How lucky ewe are.

  5. Such a beautiful photograph at the top must be wonderful for you at this time of year..although I suspect you must be very busy too...I have never heard of sheep that shed their fleece naturally by the way!..And your crochet is so pretty...
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  6. Faith, such sweet little lambs. I guess it's that time of year again. A couple of years ago we took Alice to a farm where she watched numerous lambs being born and was totally taken with it for hours! Your spiral crochet squares are gorgeous too, beautiful colour combination.

    I am hoping my oven will be in this weekend so I can get back to baking again, I'm desperate for home made yummies xox Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I love your lamb photo, as you've probably gathered, I'm very fond of sheep! The cake looks scrumptious. That's the lovely thing about baking, you get to enjoy it for ages before it's actually cooked because it fills the house with the smell! Heavenly ... Thank you so much for joining in with Reasons to be Cheerful, it's been fun, and so nice to meet you! x

  8. Lambs definitely equal spring, in my book - hooray!
    Emily x

  9. So what breed of sheep are they? That is so cool that you do not have to shear! And how is the puppy? Your baking looks awesome, particularly since the Goatmother just started Weight Watchers. :) I shall probably continue to be cheerful as well, even though not linked to Penny's wonderful site! And, last but not least, your squares are be-ootiful!!! Happy week!

  10. Gorgeous squares! The lambs are adorable. Can you gather the fleece and have it spun, or do they just shed it all over the place?

    Thanks for sharing your cheerfulness with us. Hope your sister's doing okay.

  11. Wow lambs, how gorgeous, I hope it's not too cold for them? I love to bake too... It is good for the soul. Love your squares, what pattern is that?

  12. I can't think of a better reason to be cheerful than new life ... even if sheep that aren't woolly seem a little odd to a vegetarian knitter! And who wouldn't be cheered by the delicious smells of baking :D

  13. Awww beautiful little lambs.. we saw our first yesterday in Suffolk, but I couodn't leap over there and cuddle them... if I was in your position I would just spend all day cuddling the little ones.. I can imagine that feeling wears off though :) Your squares are just gorgeous Faith.. and I sewing them all up and the blanket is becoming a blanket! Thanks so much for joining in... and your squares were by no means the last to get here! :)x


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