Wednesday, 1 February 2012

One a day (a habit is forming)

I have to apologise that I have yet again missed the day......maybe next week I will get it right!

So my one(but hopefully two) a day progress has been on track.

I've done 14 this week, added to my total last week of  94,  makes 108.  Actually, making the hexagons isn't as bad as I remember it, so maybe the blanket will eventually get finished!

(Anyone with any photo tips, I would like to be able to photograph this without the red 'glaring' and also, one of the other yarns I'm using (not in this pic) has a sparkly thread running through it, which won't ever show, what can I do with a fairly basic camera to make this show?)

Well, winter has really hit us in our corner of Wales, and I quickly took this pic outside my back door this morning on my return  from the school run. This water is brackish (fresh water and sea water mixed) so parts of it are frozen.....that bird out there is impressing his swimming friends I reckon....'hey, look at me!'

Anyway, if you would like to see my fellow one-a-dayer's projects take a look at Gingerbread Girl's blog.


  1. Your hexis look great- I love that you are are always a day late :)
    Sorry cant offer camera advice- have you seen the state of the photo's on my blog- I am by klaw unable to give advice to anyone on cameras etc as I am so bad at it myself
    winter in wales sounds fab from here, it is so humid at the moment here!

  2. Wow your marching on with your one a day. I'm loving your updated blog it's lovely.
    Me and mine are going to Wales on a camping holiday tho year! Photo looks amazing :-)

  3. Your back door view is amazing, I love that photograph.
    And you have done a lot, so many hexagons! I like their colours so much! I hope you will be able to finish the blanket someday!
    Have a great week!

  4. Great progress on the hexagons Faith, at this rate you will get it done in no time. Sorry I've no tips on the taking pictures.

  5. I'm not much help with the pictures but you hexagons are looking brilliant. I love the colours you are using, they look so warm.

  6. Have you tried getting a white pieces of paper (or a few if you need to piece some together) and putting it behind the hexagons and near an open window or even outside? That's the only way I've been able to get my reds to show up half decent.

  7. I like to use natural light for pictures - it seems to help. Do you have a room or a porch with lots of windows? (Or you can go outside - a somewhat cloudy day might be better as it diffuses the light.) If natural light is not available, a daylight bulb gives the best colour representation.

    Try putting something very neutral-coloured behind your work - white paper (as above) or a sheet, or muslin.

    Google offers a great picture-editing program called Picasa. You can download it for free, edit your pictures on your desktop, save copies of the edited shots, then easily upload to a web album. From the web album it's very quick and easy to add photos to a Blogger post. (Sorry if you know this already.) One of the Picasa features is a saturation control. If you feel your reds are popping too much, you can turn down the saturation a bit.

    Lovely blocks and view!

  8. P.S. Re the sparkly thread - probably a close-up of one block will show this best. Otherwise the sparkle gets lost in the rest of the yarn. Try shooting across the top of the block instead of straight down. Get it under or near a good natural light source, and mess around with your camera angle until it picks up the sparkles. :)

  9. What a view, I bet that poor bird was frozen!!
    Your hexagons are looking great.
    I find that natural light is the best, first thing in the morning and the white paper, or an ironed white sheet is also good for bigger photos. As soon as I put a light or flash on my photo looks like it has been taken in the evening and it changes the colours!!

  10. I wonder what kind of bird that is? Does it have a black head? Lovely view. Reds are hard to get on a camera for some reason. Especially if you want detail. I'm not well versed enough in photography to know what that is, but it happens to me too. The hexes are coming along! Go Faith! :)

  11. No need to apologize - I love to see your progress on any day :o) You are making such good progress it is fun to see!

  12. I think this all looks fabulous!
    I know, you have a great project to show, you line up the camera, you take a shot and..
    ...the colours turn into a murky shade of their once brilliant self.
    It's soooo crappy!
    Love your back-door-shot.

  13. Gosh, you've got some fantastic photography tips! Nothing I can add - except I also try to photograph in natural light, early in the morning. I also like close up shots, that show the texture of the yarn. You're very lucky having that view out your back door. Just beautiful.

  14. Keep going with those hexigons. I love them. I gave you an award.

  15. Love your hexagons. I'm afraid i'm no help with the camera questions, I use my husbands phone and my photos are shockingly bad at times. I try to blame lighting and the weather but really its me and my phobia of technology :)

  16. Im loving the hexagons, they are going to make a gorgeous blanket! When Im taking photos I always try to take them outside- natural light makes all the difference! Not bright sun either, cloudy is best... hope you are having a great week! Jxo

  17. Hello Faith...Your crochet hexagons are so pretty...I can only agree with some of the comments above...natural light and then edit using a free programme such as Picnik (I do this through the link on Flickr) or Picasa....and experiment with the saturation...temperature....contrast ect.
    Love your photograph of beautiful Wales!
    Susan x

  18. Hello - I was doing the rounds at the Tuesday Tally. Can't wait to see it all together. I'll have to look around on your site to see if you have shared the pattern that you will make with them.


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