Saturday, 18 February 2012

Reasons to be cheerful

Is it just me......or are things on the change?  I am sure I am not the only one to have felt the weight of indifference on my shoulders.......lack of motivation.......general slugishness.......of course, if it is just me then you'll be happy to read I'm announcing a full-stop!  I'm not saying I've overnight turned into a cover model for some health and vitality magazine, or that I am about to be awarded 'Inspiration Guru of 2012'.....just that I feel a spark of anticipation.....not sure for what.....but hey, better than feeling lack-lustre.... un-sparkly!

Anyway, before I completely lose you.........I'm linking up with Planet Penny  on the penultimate....

Reasons to be Cheerful

The weather has not been amazing this school hols, and actually as I type it is grey and rainy.......but on one of the nicer days this week, the boys, my mum and I went to feed the swans.  After we came away, we passed many groups walking to where we had come from, laden with bags of bread.

(look at that huge wing just out of shot)

I have just acquired this lovely long shelf from my Mum and now have the perfect space to fit (some) of my fabrics and yarn..........there are boxes of things tucked away too, but this gives me something to be going along with.  I do wonder if the recent spate of putting things away and organising has helped clear my mind a little too.

My third reason is that after holidaying for ten weeks in S.Africa, my in-laws are returning home (ssshhhhh....don't tell them about the weather!).  There will be a big family get together which we are hosting at our house, with the chance to hear all their news.  I love reason to look through cook books, plan courses and buy ingredients....not sure about the major clean-up that will come with it though!  Maybe if I start now, I'll get some of it done........

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Also, wanted to say a big thank you for your lovely supportive comments on my last post, you are all a lovely, wise old lot!

And to finish off..... (d'you know I just had a flashback to a school teacher who said you can't start a sentence with an 'And' and she was probably right!)........thanks so much to Whistle Stop Crochet, My House in Africa, Little things made with Love, Vintage Homespun, Hazel's Crochet and Stocki who all awarded me a Versatile Blogger award.........


  1. I Faith, you have a beautiful blog. Love your puppy and your fantastic photo of your family on the beach. So sorry about your sister, I have two friends with MS, it may not be as bad as it seems at the present. Medication is doing wonderful things these days.
    Good luck,

  2. Sometimes mentally taking stock and being determined to change things up is the best remedy of all. It's always a new day, right? xo

  3. Thanks for joining in again. It must be the first hint of Spring which is putting a little sparkle in your day. I was brought up on the Norfolk Broads and swans were always a big part of the daily scenery, they are so beautiful.
    Penny xxx

  4. Alas, I am remiss in being cheerful this week, but I promise to do so for the last one next week. The swans are lovely. Aren't they magnificent birds? You are way more organized than I am - and with a puppy too. And speaking of 'and', I remember that *rule* about starting the sentence with 'and' too. Sometimes, though, it just feels right to do so, and I can attest to the fact that I do it all the time and no one has come out of the woodwork to flog me ... yet. :)

  5. WOW, 10 weeks in sunny SA, lucky them. I do hope they have had a marvellous time. I must say that towards the end of this week I have been feeling a little un-enthusiastic and blah about things. I think not having a kitchen and dust EVERYWHERE has something to do with it!!!

    I still am yet to see a swan take flight, it is supposed to be magnificent. living at the coast we don;t get much in the way of swans, although our local park normal has a couple which are always lovely to see, esp. when their goslings arrive. Hope you continue to have a little spring sparkle in your step Faith and thanks always for your lovely comments on my blog xox

  6. How good is it when you can feel the spark of change???
    So revitalising.
    And every time I begin a sentence with and, I feel the exact same thing!!!

  7. Well done on your award! Lovely to hear you are feeling a bit of a 'sparkle' at the mo...maybe the thought of Spring and new craft projects? (or maybe thats me, lol)

    I like your new cabinate... there's nothing like a bit of re-shuffling and organising... especially of crafty bits and bobs!

    Hope you and your family enjoyed the half term, even if it was a tad soggy xxx

  8. Sometimes it just feels right to start a sentence with "and". (Wow, I think that last sentence ended with a double preposition!)

    For me, there's a sense of excitement that comes with the lengthening days. Perhaps you're scenting spring.

    Lovely swans - and apparently well-fed. Have fun preparing for the returning in-laws. Lucky them! I used to work for a South African company and loved hearing about S.A. Though socially and politically a very difficult place, it sounds absolutely beautiful.

  9. I really know what you mean about lack of motivation! that has been me this week also!
    Like you I have put a stop to it. What lovely reasons to be cheerful tho.

    I love your new shelf and especially the content.

  10. lots of lovely things to look forward to, thats the way to go.
    (and) !! spring is on the way that always helps :o)
    love jooles x


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