Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bits, bobs, baking and the Bahamas

It really has been a different kinda day.

Middle and small have had an 'insect' day (teacher training/inset) in their school, but unfortunately we have still been tied to school runs with Big's school being open today.

On a normal day I don't have much time at home as Small is in school for mornings today having a few hours grace, I did a little baking.

It has to be one of my favourite ways to spend an hour or so. I must admit though, it's as much in the baking as in the eating.......

I have the most horrendous memory.....really, I struggle to remember something a few months ago, I'm not like those people who rattle off tales from their childhood .......but it should be noted, refer to food at an event or occasion and I'm like a recall!

Outside it's raining, it has been for most of the day, leaving me with half a mown lawn.....the grass is just about waist height....or will be when I get another free time slot.....ah will wait.

As I sit and type, Big is doing a Vanessa Mae violining impression for his friend who has come to play, Middle is playing Lego star wars on the wii (the music and sound affects make it sound very 'edge of the seat' stuff) and Small is chattering away to anyone who will listen. will be time to make supper soon enough, we are breaking  house-rules by having a friend-friendly meal of pizza and chips.....the last time I served our normal weekday fare to this particular friend, he didn't go to school the next day as my cooking (vegetables) had made him ill......I was a little upset at the time, but tonight, I will swallow my standards..... and my pizza and chips, in silence!

Anyway, I am stalling and wittering...had you noticed?.....I have five boys to feed, and then ship three to cubs....hubby and I are debating who gets to do the cub run tonight, as having not refilled our oil tank, it definitely seems to be warmer outside than inside our house at the moment....and being in the car could be likened to the Bahamas........I think I may grab some yarn and hooks, my new baked goods and hole myself up in the car until the sun comes out again......see you in the summer.  Faith xxx


  1. Insect Day - I love it!!!! Sounds like you should do the cubs run for sure. Hope you get to enjoy some quiet hooking xxx

  2. Insect day does not sound appetizing. I would prefer a Peanut day.

  3. I agree with you about the veggie thing...shows they're not getting much of them at sad. Hope the weather warms up for you and the rain stops so you can finish your lawn. That's happened to me more than once!
    I love your knitting. I'm still learning. I was a crocheter and still am but now I knit too. Teaching myself over the internet with videos and such. I'm a visual learner I guess. Take care and I'm going off now to do some hooking and watch The Waltons! Have a nice evening.

  4. Now you know I'm going to think that the notion of an insect day is brilliant ;D

    I am doing my very best not to be envious but ooh, the size of your garden!! A perfect whippet space, plenty of room for zoomies!

  5. Oh my don't tell my boys about insect day, they'd want to join right in. Love love the baking, its so relaxing isn't it as well as the yummy goodies you have afterwards. My last bake last week was Dutch Apple Cake, far to yummy for words...
    I think you should opt for cub run, afterall, who wouldn't want a trip to the Bahamas :)
    I'd settle for half a mown lawn right now, mine's not overly long but it needs its cut (am a freak about how I like it short lol) and it keeps raining !

  6. Your baking looks delicious!! I'd de-camp to the car, but I fear if your waiting for our weather to turn you may be there some time....take plenty of supplies!

  7. Ha ha - that sounds so much like my life it's spooky! I get really paranoid that my kids' friends will go home and say to their mums how awful my food was and how they're completely starving still.
    Your garden looks gorgeous, by the way, can I come and sit in it for a while? My garden so closely resembles a football pitch it makes me want to cry
    Emily x

  8. Your garden looks so lovely and inviting Faith but where has all this rain come from?...It really is time that the sun shined for us again, isn't it?
    Oh my, cooking for 5 boys...I bet you have so much fun though and I just love the sound of 'insect day'!
    I think I may have to have an afternoon in the kitchen tomorrow too looking at all your wonderful baking here...
    Hope you have a lovely weekend with your boys,
    Susan x


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