Thursday, 31 May 2012


I'm beginning to think, looking at my diary for the next few days, I may be more busy than an 'it' fact, I'm beginning to worry I may forget to go somewhere!

It's been a busy home this week, starting with today when small and middle had a jubilee celebration complete with picnic in school. With chance to dress up in red, white and blue, the boys decided they wanted union jacks on their t-shirts.

I always encourage the boys to try and do everything themselves, sometimes this means that their things don't look as polished as some of the other parents' childrens' handiwork......but they are always very proud to wear their own creations......and again their creativity shone through.

Even small, at three, painted his t-shirt just filling in between the lines I drew for him.

Here they are all striking small's hair fiddling pose which he does when he's tired, we all like to 'take him off' to make each other giggle.

The bunting making has started, although I have a lot to make if I'm going to fulfil the picture in my mind's eye.....I started on these and then got a little carried away and decided I wanted a matching picnic blanket to go with it.....I have the material, the just need a little more time!

It's middle's seventh birthday tomorrow and being a huge star wars fan, he's requested a star wars cake......I have to admit, cakes I make taste good, but never quite look like I hoped they would. I thought for a brief moment and figured the best way to go would be a light sabre..... So this evening I've made some Swiss rolls, ready to be assembled and iced tomorrow.

We have official birthday tomorrow, friend birthday Saturday with a trip to a local zoo, my in-laws jubilee BBQ Sunday, and big family gathering for middle's birthday tea party Monday, by which time, I think I will be slightly frayed at the edges!

I have soooo much baking to do, but then I love to bake so that is no hardship......the sewing is begining to come, but the flower borders? Still weedy....oooooppppps!

I will be back with further pics of all things as they unfold and as I begin to unravel!


  1. Wow, good luck with your busy days!!
    Sounds like fun!
    Hope the birthday is fabulous

  2. Your boys are just too lovely Faith, I think it's brilliant that you let them create their own t-shirts, so much more meaningful and proud for them to wear. Such a sweet way of saying "Mummy I am tired".
    I felt tired just reading all you have for your weekend plans, wow... it's going to be a busy one :0) Hope the party goes well ad you ca somehow magic some time to finish your sewing . take care xox Penelope

  3. I love the picture of your boys. Their t-shirts are wonderful! It sounds that you will have a very busy weekend! I wish you all the best for the birthday party.
    Hugs, Barbina

  4. OMG your boys look so cute and I'm a parent who loves a childs handiwork than the polished kind, so much better.
    Your not going to unravel over what is an exceptionally busy weekend...why cause we are Domestic Goddess...remember, you will get your baking done and your sewing and if your flower beds aren't done you just go for the wild flower meadow look ;-)
    Can't wait to see the cake and I opt for tasty over look anyday..its been ages since I've had a homemade swiss roll, I may have to do something about that.
    Looking forward to checking back in with you.

  5. Your boys look great, it gets on my nerves when entries for easter egg decorating competitions and things are blatantly created by parents, especially when they win.

    Your light sabre idea is genius. I'd have made a plain cake with a face made out of smarties and stuck a chelsea bun to each side for a Princess Leia cake, that's about as far as my decorating skills would have taken me.

    Enjoy your weekend. X

  6. Wow you are having a busy time! It all sounds fantastic - enjoy!!!!!


  7. Better take your vitamins. You are going to be super busy. Have a great time.

  8. I love that you encourage your children's creativity and do not do their work for them. That is wonderful!

  9. Hello Faith...How lovely to see your boys having so much fun decorating their Jubilee t-shirts!
    Your baking always look wonderful and you constantly inspire me to have a baking session.
    Happy birthday to your boy...I hope he has a fabulous day
    and happy bunting making to you... I hope you have lots of fun fulfilling your hectic schedule!
    Susan x

  10. Adorable boys and delicious looking cake. I must admit though, that after reading what you have planned for the next few days made me feel like I needed a nap! Have fun...make memories!

  11. Happy birthday to your little one- Im sure the cake will be fab. Im in love with your gingham bunting!!!

  12. Your boys are just the absolute cutest! I think their T-shirts look fabulous! You are about the doin'est gal I know! Go, Faith!!! :)

  13. Your boys are too cute! I raised 3 boys also and 1 girl. I was an only child so boy was I in for a surprise! LOL! But we all lived and I love seeing your family. I remember those days when I too wanted my children to be their creative selves and then they would come home and tell me how the "other" parents had "helped" their children and "their" children won. Some things never change! LOL! I still think it's best for them to exercise their own creative muscles and I love those shirts! Happy Birthday to the birthday boy and Happy Jubilee to all! I have to look up Swiss roll that like a sponge cake? And I need to make a bunting....or several! Love it ARE a Domestic Goddess and don't ever forget it! Just wave your magic wand and it will all happen! Now, where did I put mine?


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