Sunday, 27 May 2012

Year of projects 27.05.12

It's Sunday, so here I am with a brief YOP update and then a quick tell of a couple of things we've done this weekend.

This is the progress on my Colour Affection shawl, and as you can see I have now added in the third colour, which is the darkest blue coming in on stripes on the left hand side.......oooohhh, stripes, how I do love thee!

I am having a bit of a wobble actually, as when reading Sarah's (Crafts from the Cwtch) post on Thursday, I see that she was referring to a modification in the pattern that a lot of Ravelers have been using.

An added wrapped stitch at the beginning of the rows means there is a looser edge...... I have a feeling, having not done this, it is why I have a 'ripply' edge.  This is when I wish I didn't just dive into things, but planned a little I am so far in, there is absolutely no thought to ripping it all out, so I am just hoping that blocking may make things a little easier......fingers crossed!

It has to be said also, it is very difficult to get a true picture of what the shawl will look like when it is on a short I will plod on (sometimes holding my breath) hoping all will come out in the wash!

Not a lot of crochet going on this week, but I did make a quick start on Annaboo's CAL and started making a cat......well.....I think it will be a cat, as the pattern can be modified to be a doll or a monkey, or many other things I guess, but I think this one will be a cat.  Why don't you take a look at her simple and brilliantly written pattern......its being posted in stages, so there's plenty of time to still give it a whirl!

Well, with such wonderful weather we've made the most of it for the past couple of days, today with a long walk in the woods with Chester and Ned and yesterday in the Brecon Beacons ......these are mountain ranges which are Welsh National Park land , so plenty of places to walk and wow at the views.  Just looking at the sell for it, 'Brecon of Britain's breathing spaces'

The intrepid mountaineers.

'No, Daddy, please don't make us climb another mountain'

I've added this last picture for future reference. 

Just as we approached this hill/small mountain after we had been walking for about an hour, Middle announces that he wants to run up it (just over the road in the picture)  I'm not sure if this photo actually captures it, but it was steep.....very steep for my long legs let alone a six-year-old's legs!  So sure to his word, off he went!  He briefly stopped twice to turn and see where we were, but he just kept going till he was at the top where there is a standing stone......unbelievable! 

The view from the top.

Not to be normal.....Middle then decided to run all the way back down, the road being just below the green field on the left..........impressive eh!

We had a glorious day, in fact, it has been a sublime weekend (although, I have to admit to being a little achy today) I am so blessed to live in is a real gem!

Well, I should love you and leave you all, as there is knitting to be done and tv to be watched.  Hope you all have a great and sunshiney week where ever you are!


  1. I love your shawl, the colours are beautiful. I have been thinking of late i would like to make a shawl.
    such beautiful pictures of your family and what a very energetic 6 year old!
    I went to wales on holiday a few weeks back and I totally agree with you. you're so lucky to live in Wales. Such a beautiful part of the UK and my and mr M are going again next year!

  2. The colours in your shawl are lovely, and I hope that it works out for you in the end!
    Your little crochet project would make a lovely little cat, I can't wait to see more of it!

    Looks like you had a lovely adventure with your family, it looks so sunny and cheerful :)

  3. Such nice pictures of the family out and about. The shawl looks awesome, I'm betting blocking will take care of the edge you're concerned about. I'm not seeing it in the picture. By wrapped stitch do you mean like a yo?

  4. The shawl is looking great! I look forward to seeing a cat emerge :).

  5. Hi Faith. Your shawl is looking great - gorgeous colours. Have had my eye on this project for a while but also like the Flying Diamonds shawl....decisions, decisions! The Brecons look divine - I was last there as a child where we stayed on a farm! I remember it well! Have fun. xxx

  6. Hey those little buttons for Annaboo's CAL project are just fantastic! Looks like a lovely day out with all that walking and climbing. Now I need to run off and check out that CAL link!

  7. I love your shawl and I think blocking may work on the edges, never underestimate the wonders of blocking its magic !
    Just love your pictures and the mountains and hey wayyyy to go middle

  8. I guess if you really hard block the edge of the shawl it should be fine.

    That's some hill to run up when you're small!

  9. I think that the edging you have done will turn out to beautifully. I've looked at the design and isn't the slightly textured edge a feature of the shawl? Perhaps I've missed something though! Blocking is indeed magic.
    Lovely pictures of your walk, anything to tire them out eh?

  10. I think your shawl is going to be stunning but it must be frustrating and a little scary not knowing what it truly looks like until it is finished and off the needles!
    beautiful the photo of the 'intrepid mountaineers'
    love jooles x

  11. I think you are lucky to live in Wales always looks so wild and gorgeous in your photos! Did you have to walk up 'another monunitain' too...or did you wait in the car with your knitting like my Mum used to :) Your shawl is coming along beautifully.. the colour is scrumptious...have I said that before...and our little 'Monk' is so sweet with it's big gooogly eyes...I'm on arms tonight...wooooooo! hugs, Jill x

  12. I CAN spell mountain really! :)x

  13. Looks like a good time was had by all. By the way where was Mummy when daddy was pulling them all up! Long distance lens!!? Happy knitting. Joan

  14. Gorgeous photos again, of your projects, your family and your country. Beautiful x

  15. That shawl is simply divine and the colors perfect for it. Your countryside is so gorgeous and I can't get over those little legs running to the top of that mountain. Children's energy is astounding....I wish I had some of it! So glad you had such a nice outing with your family. The cat is darling...I have to make one! Have a great week!


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