Sunday, 6 January 2013

Year of projects - 06.01.13

It has been a while since I did a YOP update, so here I am, a little behind schedule, but here never the less.

This was the blanket I was hurriedly finishing so I could wrap and send for my sister for'll be glad to hear it was done on time and was well received ;-)  The pattern was simple, and I used doubled-up chunky weight yarn and a silver cotton thread also....the effect was a subtle twinkle.

This is my 'in the middle of' project.  A very unlikely event happened just before Christmas...I heard my husband utter the most magical words
'can you make me a scarf?'

No longer were the words uttered, but the casting on began.  I knitted non-stop until I had finished the ball only to find it was a little on the short another ball went on order which arrived yesterday and knitting has resumed.....I am certainly not going to pass up the opportunity to make something requested!  Especially when the request comes from somebody who is not always particularly interested in the things I make!

This will be done in the next day or so, and then I think the socks on my list may be calling.  I am set to go, book at the ready.....

This afternoon, we took a walk to the beach which is closest now to our new house.  This beach is just a field away, a surfers beach, a little precarious to get down to....the beach that I may attempt to go to each day and take a dip in the sea when the weather becomes a little more conducive!  We'll see!

Really looking forward to catching up on all I've missed since November....have a happy crafting week.x


  1. I've been wondering about you and I missed your end of year post so only seeing this update now. Firstly I love your blanket and the scarf is just looking wonderful, I really like the shade of grey and it was only the December just gone my husband requested a hat, something he never does and like you the yarn is being ordered, how can you not make something requested by ones who don't normally request. I loved your end of year post now that I've noticed it. There were parts of 2012 I to am not sorry to see gone and thankfully the end of the year certainly made up for the well yuck parts. I love your goals and who could not be excited about the prospect of a new year and new things to unfold. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2013 !

  2. I love the blanket, so beautiful, and a husband requesting a knitted item? Frankly that has never happened at my house. Love the picture of the beach, you are so lucky to live close by.

    Hugs to you Faith,

  3. Faith, you made me smile about your husbands scarf. Its like that in our household, I have managed to knit 2 beanie hats for Andy which he wears thank goodness, I'm still waiting to be promoted to scarf status! Its a great colour yarn,very manly!
    Wonderful beach shot, its going to be blissful in the Summer time xox Have a great week too x Penelope

  4. Great blanket and scarf. Your lucky your hubby will wear one.


  5. What a gorgeous beach, I'd love to live "just a field away" from such a beach, it looks beautiful.
    I hope the house move went well? I'm surprised you managed that and some makes with Christmas too.
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left me on my Christmas post, makes it all worthwhile!
    I hope you and your family have a very happy 2013 in your new home.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of that beach...

  6. Oh, cables! You did cables! You go! That is just beautiful. Also LOVE the beach shot. It looks like a great spot.

  7. The blanket came out great....and I made mu husband a requested scarf too!

  8. Gavin asked me for fingerless gloves the other day. Prior to this we have been known as the odd couple - the woman who never stops knitting socks and the man who never wears them :)

    Love the beach shot. Gavin would like to know where and to have some surf shots please :)

  9. What a great blog you have!
    I'm your new follower....:) love from Mirjam.

  10. I know what you mean about requested items! Especially from a male.

    Did you notice that the colors of scarf match those in your lovely photo of the sea?

  11. Welcome back, man the beach picture though pretty looks cold. So glad you were able to match the yarn color and be able to continue for your hubby. The cable blanket looks awesome. AND you got in done in time, double awesome.

  12. Retyping comment, when done got a message saying google couldn't find your blog, weird since I;m here on your blog and it obviously did find you. Sorry if this is a duplicate. Love the blanket, and congrats getting it done on time. Welcome back.

  13. Don't you love it when someone you love asks you to knit something? I would have jumped, too!

  14. Way to go on the scarf knitting. I think my husband may have uttered the words that he might like a pair of wool socks--but ummmm--about that. I have never made a pair of socks and I am certainly not starting out on a pair for him!
    Your beach is lovely, and I am jealous.

  15. The blanket looks warm and cozy. I remember when you started it..You'll need more scarves now that you live near the least I always seem to need them handy by the beach..

  16. Wow! What a beautiful beach to be close to.
    And a man asking for a handmade item?!!! Blimey. What a lovely opportunity.
    Maybe my Mister will ask for a crochet tie.
    Have a lovely week.

  17. That is a beautiful pic of the nature around you you've caught there! The blanket is smooshy! How wonderfully soft it is. And delightful that your husband requested a scarf from you. Here's to the new year, Faith! Cheers.

  18. Those are magical words, and I'm loving the scarf you're making him.

  19. I want to live where you live ... to have a beach like that just a field away from my house would be heaven!

    And I want to be making as much progress with my YOP as you are with yours ... my knitting is horribly stalled just now. For a variety of reasons it's just not happening. You on the other hand look to be zooming along making lovely things :D

  20. Sigh, everything is so beautiful, and how wonderful to make such a gorgeous scarf for your man. I hope you are all settling into your new home.

  21. That is a lovely scarf, and it's amazing heasked for something. I hope he's very grateful for it! And the blanket for your sister looks snuggly warm!


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