Thursday, 31 January 2013

Next Step Sock Knitalong wk2

Well, my sample socks as you can see, have been done and dusted.....

I flicked through all the patterns in the book, and was immediately drawn to some beautiful cabled socks....then I checked back with reality and chose some more simple ones, which the book referred to as being good for a beginner....yep, that's me!

I bought some regia yarn on line and being rather click happy, clicked on 'buy it' before I checked the colour box....oooops......this was maybe not my first choice, but hey ho, its sure to brighten someones day!

On the advice of Sarah, I knitted a swatch (I know it would seem I mean business!) and then ploughed on in (not being totally sure I had understood right!!)

I am a little further along than these photos that I took this morning, but light has totally gone now, so just imagine them about 0.5mm longer (I now think socks should always be made in chunky yarns)

This has been (so far) a great leaning experience and I am wondering to what new ways I can put these exciting skills, I've been wandering about toe-up-ten-at-a-time socks.....therefore kitting out the entire family in one go......

(I may sound slightly insane, but this is  because after 2 months of conversations with the delightful British Telecom, no phones, new numbers, no broadband, long conversations to foreign lands, lost numbers, they have finally set us up with a new working line and the meantime, they have cut off my in-laws phone.......I have spent well over an hour this evening trying to explain this to numerous people and have listened to 'The Four Seasons' more than you can imagine......)

Anyway, if you want to catch up with all the other sock knitters, pop on over to Sarah at Crafts from the Cwtch......I'm sure you'll see far more sock than you are seeing here!

Thankyou for all your lovely comments last, you really are a lovely lot!


  1. Well done with your sample socks dearest Faith, I really admired your tenacity and bravery with your new found skill! I think the Regia socks are going to be perfect for the Spring, such happy colours!
    Poor you with your telecommunications, we had a hideous time with talk talk over a year ago and I can well sympathise. Take care and just keep knitting those 0.5mm :o) at a time xox P

  2. Your sample socks look great Faith and I really like the yarn your using now, its so bright and cheery, I must keep it in mind for the children. I don't envy you the bother with the bt! I really like the sound of forced knitting that I could totally get into !

  3. very cute sample socks! I should have probably tackled those first before diving head into a pair of socks - but as I hate knitting gauge swatches I figured a sample sock would go the same route.

    The yarn is very pink and cheerful!

  4. How adorable are those sample socks!!

    I love the new socks too, they will be so pretty!

  5. Those sample socks are just adorable! LOL

    I want to try 2 at a time but I find I prefer using DPNs over cables LOL Not sure how that would work out ;P

  6. You are doing an amazing job Faith. Beautiful socks.

  7. Are those socks for Littlest? I can definitely see him in those! They are fabulous. I so admire anyone who has the wherewithal to knit socks. Love the new yarn. As for your months of conversations with the telecom and to foreign lands, you will be encouraged to know that it is no better across the pond. It seems to be a universal rule that if you are in that kind of business, you sign a contract stating that you will make service and all inquiries as absolutely confusing and non productive as possible. :)

  8. Well your sample socks turned out GREAT! And I ****love**** that yarn - it's exactly the colour I should have chosen for myself and I think I might have to get a bit click happy too... once I've finished another pair :)

  9. That new yarn is lovely - very pastel and spring-y and cheerful. And what an adorable pair those first ones made.

    10 at a time - if anyone can do it, you can, Faith! I can see you knitting in front of your easel and taking dab at some gorgeous painting from time to time in the intervals of heel-turning. :)

    So glad you got sorted with BT ... and why is it always Four Seasons? (Or Eine Kleine Nachtmusik?) And not even a full movement but an annoying choppy bit that keeps repeating - at least that's what we get over here.

    Happy weekend!

  10. I like the yarn colour you've "picked", lovely warm tones. I also like how you are knitting two at once - a great idea (if I could knit!)
    Thanks again for your comment on my blog - you always leave such nice ones. I'd never heard of EE Cummings and have just been on a very short internet expedition finding out some of his (her?) quotes, off to look for more as I like what I've seen so far, thanks for that!

  11. Those sample socks are brilliant!! And I think that new yarn is very cheerful.
    Can't wait to see the 10 at a time!!! GO Faith!!! Thats my kind of knitting

  12. Your socks will be beautiful - like your other commenters I think the colours are very Springy and upbeat. You have my sympathy over the troubles with BT. Been there done that and have more grey hairs as a result than almost from anything else! E x

  13. I am in awe of your budding sock knitting credentials ... seriously, anyone who takes on a project requiring them to knit the same thing twice, in quick succession, is clearly made of sterner stuff than me! (Do you know that some pairs of socks have as many stitches as a whole adult sweater!)

    Sorry, but I giggled when I got to the bit in your phone ways tale about your parents in law ... hope you are all sorted soon :)

  14. What fun colors for this early spring we're supposed to have. Hooray for you on those sample socks. They are adorable for chubby lil' feet.

  15. Happy Sunday to you Faith...Your socks look fab and I love the colours of your new yarn...there will be one pair of very Happy Feet!...Kitting out the entire family in one go sounds like very impressive stuff...Go Faith!
    Susan x

  16. Love the little 'samples socks' You made me giggle thinking about you knitting 10 socks on huge long needles.. I'm almost tempted to challenge you, but I know you are busy :) Good luck with trying to get the phones you remember how simple these things used to be in the days before computers... just ring someone, they popped round and it was done! Oh gawd... it's my age you know! Hugs, Jill x


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