Sunday, 13 January 2013

Year of projects 13.01.13

I've probably said it before, but boy did that week whoosh by!

The boys have all returned to school and my day is a little more orderly now that littlest has started full-time. This means though that there is quite a lot less in-car crochet.....more time to be at home (cleaning uuggghhh!) and hopefully more time to be a little more....organised.

Well, somewhere in all the orderliness ;-)  I managed to finish off hubby's scarf. It is just a simple knit two, purl two rib made in Kingcole Riot DK.

Fairly plain.....very manly (as someone rightly pointed out last week!) ....will it be worn?  We will see.....

There has been little other crafting this week, it has mainly been cleaning, our new house is a big project!

I have turned my attention to Stocki's beautiful bloggers' blanket for 2013.  It requires crochet squares, any design, any colour, just made from cotton.  So here I am thinking I am organised with my library book full of ideas, until I realise that the writer of said book writes in a crochet language I don't understand.  Backup plan....ravelry, where I found this lovely pattern.

So there is my first of four squares.....please check out Stocki's crochet blanket, last year's blanket was absolutely stunning....go on, get involved!  Be a  part of such a fantastic effort.

Well, it's a good thing this meeting isn't in person, as I have been suffering with the lurgy and have spent the day feeling sorry for myself, surrounded by tissues, blankets and more tissues.  I don't 'do' having a cold and one day of it, is quite enough!

Hope that you have all had good crafting weeks....I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next few days.  Thank you, as always, for your lovely comments...any advice on keeping one's head whilst continuously cleaning, gratefully received!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are ill with a cold. They are wretched aren't they?
    Housework, cleaning urgh! I have a whole compilation of fridge magnets about housework and how it should be banned etc. Makes me smile every time I go to the fridge.
    Crafting is a much nicer topic, crochet especially. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
    Anne xx

  2. Love the scarf and yes its very manly but thats whats needed. I really love the look of the square. This week has gone by in a blur here also, something always about the first week returning! Boo to the extra house cleaning time.

  3. I like hubby's scarf. He looks a bit undecided about it though :(

    Maybe you can knit some swiffer socks for everyone and they can all clean the floors just by walking around? Just a thought :)

  4. The scarf looks about as plain as my special guy would like, so I hope your hubby likes it, too! I love the square!

  5. Faith, sorry you are feeling under the weather, but you get to stay home so that is a bonus! Love the scarf and the crochet square is very beautiful,
    get better,

  6. Feel better soon and take good, good care!

  7. That scarf looks perfect, very manly indeed. I love your square, I've made three squares for Stocki's blanket but need to get round to posting them to her. She's soooo kind to put all that work in for another year!

  8. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love your hubbys scarf its ace & your square is lush too. I have done my squares, I just need to iron them, pack them and post them.

  9. That crochet square is beautiful, as was last years 'Stocki' blanket! And yes, manly is the word I'd have used to describe the scarf too.

    Hope you're feeling better Faith ... a sofa day with your needles and hooks is the best cure for colds of course, and that cleaning can wait, surely?

  10. I need to catch up with you...last time the combine was burning and next you said you were moving and I've missed all the details!
    So sorry you're ill...I think it is too much housework! LOL! I'm like you though....I have lots of cleaning and organizing to do and it won't get done if I sit and do what I'd love which is needlework but I reward myself sometimes in the afternoon and then in the evening.
    How many squares do you do for the afghan/blanket? (Stocki's)? If it's just one I could do that..I think! Ha! Ha! I love your scarf you made....they like dark and plain...I think it's the testosterone plus many are color blind! LOL! Good girl for making what he would want...that was a sacrifice on your part I'm sure...we like COLOR!
    Your square is stunning! I love it! I hope you feel better like NOW! Can you see...I'm waving my magic wand to make you better?!?

  11. What nice high ceilings you have in your new house!

    By all means let the cleaning wait. You need to pamper yourself - lots of tea and hot buttered toast, and chicken broth (with plenty of garlic and cayenne) will be much better for you. And yarn. :)

    What a very beautiful crochet square, and a decidedly manly scarf. Hope he wears it! (Years ago I knitted a scarf for Mr. M - a true labour of love as I am not a natural knitter - with checkerboard stitch at the ends and stockinette between. But he stopped wearing it because the long edges curled up too much for him. I ought to have made it ribbed like yours.)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  12. You probably know that moving and new houses are very stressful.. Great scarf, hubby wore the one I made once..very polite of him..he did brag that I made it..

    sending virtual chicken soup..

  13. Hello lovely lady :o)
    thats a great guy scarf and what a beautiful crochet square too.
    I hope you are feeling much better today
    love jooles x

  14. Hey Faith, would send you some of our warmth and sunshine to help send Mr. Lurgy packing but can't quite figure out which app I need to do that!!
    Hope you are feeling better ASAP, I'm sure some crafting would help you though!!
    Hubby's scarf looks great, I'm sure it will get lots of your crocheted square too, very effective pattern. Hope the end is i sight for all the cleaning.....

    Claire X

  15. I am so behind. By now you are probably all cured! At least I hope so! Your square is lovely. That is the Goatmother's favorite thing to do...squares. Let the cleaning and organizing go for a bit and take care of Faith! As the Goatmother's grandmother used to say, 'It'll wait for you.'. :) Hugs!

  16. Love the crochet and the "manly" scarf (and King Cole Riot too as it happens). Like you I also hate cleaning - there are far more productive ways to use the precious hours of peace!!!

    Have a good week xxx

  17. Hello Faith! I would say that is a very manly scarf and, dare I add, a very manly husband!

    Hope you are staying warm and cosy this weekend.


  18. I hope you're feeling better now, having the lurgy is awful! And the scarf looks great, I'm impressed how fast you knitted it!

  19. Hi Faith..Love your 'manly scarf' and it's just perfect for this very cold weather will most certainly be worn..I'm sure of it!
    Love your crochet as always...more of that and not too much cleaning until you are feeling much better..I'm sure all your lovely boys will take good care of you...
    Susan x

  20. You was entered into the swap and you was partnered up with a smile a day. See yesterday's blog post for the link to your swap partner. Glad you entered xx

  21. LOL, you reminded me that there's no excuse to not clean when one isn't busy taking care of the little ones. Your crocheted square is wonderful!


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