Friday, 5 July 2013

Pick a Boo - week one

Those of you who pop by every now and then, will know that previously I have joined in with three of Crafts from the Cwtch's knit-a-longs...two Veera shawls and a pair of toe up socks.....the decision for the next project, hung in the balance for a while, (I was really not sure I wanted to do socks again so soon!)

Thankfully (for me) it was decided to have another shawl knit-a-long picking one of the many shawls from a whole range by Boo Knits this was a task in itself as they are all so lovely...but I settled on Quite Continental.

Next task was to pick out some suitable yarn, which was cause for hours of yarn browsing....which was becoming a little stressful in the end...but someone had to do it!

Finally, after spotting another person in the Crafts from the Cwtch group's suggestion, I took a look at six skeins which proved to be a very happy discovery.  A few clicks, a day's wait and a lovely squishy parcel arrived in my post box.

So here it is, 75% Extra Fine Merino, 20% Silk and 5% Silver Stellina Sparkle -  in Ember Glow

Wound and ready to's beautifully soft, you can just see the glisten....perfect.

And small beginnings.....the first hour of attempting to begin was fraught...lots of breath holding....but I got there once I had realised I was being totally blonde....hopefully onward and upward from here!

If you would like to see how other people from the Pick a Boo KAL are getting on, pop on over to  Crafts from the Cwtch


  1. Awesome yarn choice - it's going to look beautiful.

    I am so happy you're joining in again, it wouldn't be a KAL without you....we really must sort this sock issue out before the Autumn :)


  2. Wow... Beautiful choice and lovely yarn.

  3. That's a lovely yarn you chose. Pink and sparkly, perfect.

  4. Yummy yarn Faith, loving the sparkles too. I was thinking of joing in the KAL but when I looked at the patterns I though there is no way that I can get my head around those patterns, you are brave and clever to do this and I cant wait to see the FO. I'm hoping to finish my lacey edge this weekend and if it's semi decent I think it will appear on the old bloggo! Thanks for your gorgeous comments, I love our "chats" xox Penny

  5. I'm sitting out the KAL as I'm just starting a shawl for my sister to wear at her wedding and won't have the time to knit two this summer, but I shall watch from the sidelines with interest. This is going to be lovely Faith :)

  6. Thanks for buying Perran Yarn! It's so lovely to see the yarns being knitted up. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the finished shawl. :)

  7. Love the yarn ! I'm also doing Quite Continental so it's going to be great looking at the same pattern but in a different colourway. I'm off to check out that yarn some more as I've my eye on some more shawl patterns. Sorry I'm so late checking in with you.

  8. Ooo. That yarn is just delicious!!!!

  9. Super pretty yarn. Love that little sparkle!

  10. ooh, yummy yarn! i think it might be the same yarn base as the one i'm knitting with now, but it's dyed by another dyer. i'm super happy with my choice, and i hope you are too!

    it's so lovely to be doing yet another kal together with you! :) looking forward to seeing more of you shawl later on..! enjoy :)


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