Thursday, 4 July 2013

Three in one Thursday

Well, at some point, when I was looking the other way, a couple of wednesday walks passed me by, without being written about, and wanting to re-live every gruelling step document my progress, I thought I'd have a quick catch-up.

This  first panorama was taken on the walk that I did two weeks ago, a beautiful sunny day, but lacking motivation I ended up with the rather odd plan to one way for four miles and then retrace my steps.  Oddly the first four miles took almost double the time of the second four miles....maybe it was the thought of the cup of tea waiting!  I have walked this part of the coast lots of times, but never in the 'other' direction and there was something inspiring about it...if I was feeling very philosophical, I would say that gaining a different perspective on a task in front of you is refreshing, rewarding and reviving.

So that was two weeks ago, eight miles clocked up.

Last Wednesday, was a grey-er start, (but I still foolishly managed to burn my nose!)

Here's Chester, as always coaxing me on, he normally goes on the lead, as some of the paths are right on the cliffedge, but here it is quite safe, and he can do as dogs do.

I'm heading for the white blob...can you see it?

A little zoom in......can you see it now?  At the top of the hill?

A bit further a long the path and the clouds are starting to clear (and my nose is starting to burn no doubt!)  The white watch tower is just visible to the left of centre.


And here, behind me....from this point, I know I have five more miles before I'm home

These paths are pretty busy during the summer....but even when there are no walkers, you still get the feeling someone is watching you!

This Charolais cow was in a field with lots of other sucklers with their calves....Chester didn't know what to think, I do wonder if he thought they were just big versions of him!

So that was last Wednesday.....ten miles more clocked.

Which leads me on to today's walk (I know its Thursday, how rebellious eh!)  This was a totally new part of the path that I hadn't walked before....a grim rainy start which soon turned into a beautiful morning.  I could show you stacks of pics, but this last panorama sums it up I think....and I'm too tired to argue with blogger when the pics take such a looo-oooo-ooonnngg time to upload.

So there we have's walk was nine miles, but it was so enjoyable that you wouldn't know, well apart from the fact that my yawns are coming thick and fast.

So on that note, I bid you all goodnight and God bless.... 


  1. Chester looks too adorable Faith and a good companion to have walking with you no doubt. Well done on your clocking up miles. Your scenic walks sure beat an indoor gym any day xx enjoy the sunshine this weekend xxx penny

  2. You go! Wow and what beautiful country. Chester is so very cute. He was an adorable puppy but he has grown into quite the handsome adult!

  3. You are fantastic, Faith. "The hills are alive …" ran through my head while I read this post. Are you walking at a fast pace or just a normal walk?


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