Sunday, 7 July 2013

Year of projects - 07.07.13

I have to say I was more than a little disappointed at my lack of things to show for my efforts last year, I think there was a brioche hat extra, that I remembered after placing the pics together...but still, not much eh?  Then I remembered the Little Woollie blanket, the two Veera shawls, the toe-up socks, the Jared Flood blanket, the various other 'I couldn't resist' really not so bad after all.

So what I take from last year and not completing everything, is that I end up doing lots of where does that leave this year's list?

New Things
I want to make some crocheted bags...probably similar to the Attic 24 stripey bags.
I would like to make myself another knitted jumper, but as of yet, have not decided which.
A pair of knitted socks....when I totally forget how boring they are to make!
Some washcloths (I do keep banging on that I am going to, but have still not got to it!)
A temperature blanket

I would like to join in some CALs and KALs as I find I get so much from them, something challenging!

Ten stitch twist as shown above only partly done.
Little Woollie mixed stripe blanket
Crocheted star blankets
Fingerless gloves

So there we have it.....vague eh?!  But I'm guessing that may keep me from feeling tied down too much.

So....while I have you attention, I wanted to pick your brains....I've just this week started making a Quite Continental shawl by Boo Knits as part of a KAL with Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch I keep looking at the sides and wondering where I'm going wrong and should I rip it out?  But without knowing how to rectify things, I think what's the point?

Can you see the increases on the left in the picture are far more 'gappy' than on the I missing something....will it just block out and not worry about it....I admit, I'm not sure I am the only one, so is it a common problem to have the tension different and what makes it like that on one side and not the other????   I am distorting it in the picture by pulling it, to make it more obvious. 

Any advice very gladly taken...the rows begin and end with...

K2, kyok....kyok,K2
K2, yo....yo,K2

Righty-hoh!  If you'd like to catch up with any fellow YOP-pers, check out the ravelry page.


  1. You got a lot done last year! And I love your projects so much I know you'll see some on my list for this year although I haven't touched the BS blanket (Blackberry Salad) LOL! I'm still "gathering" projects but know I won't have the time or the money for most of them but a girl can dream!
    I think we're all leaving room for "extras" that we fall in love with along the way and/or things we forgot. I am definitely making the owl this year though!
    As for your dilemma with your shawl.....I am the last person to give advice...maybe someday I'll be that good but not yet! So glad you joined up again this year!

  2. You got more done that you thought and don't forget you moved house mid year, that is so much upheavel ! Love the list and I think suits you in that you've room to change things and add things in ! My tension on the same shawl was off on the right hand side to, much looser than the left so I frogged mine Thursday night and restarted it. The pic you see on my blog is it restarted and I'm much happier with the tension. On restarting it I remembered to knit through the back of the first stitch as I don't think I was doing this the first time, it might be silly but are you remembering it to, other than that I'm not sure what's causing it. You've got two options frog now and restart or leave and block, which might just fix it. I guess only you will know if you can live with it if blocking doesn't work

  3. HOOray on making a shawl for yourself! Great start there Faith.

  4. I knew there were more projects than you had photos for ... you are so productive! Those slippers look great.

    Can't offer any helpful advice about the shawl except that I have seen a crochet shawl pattern somewhere with similar issues and the designer said it blocks right out. Good luck with it!

    Hope you're having a good summer - how is the training going for the big walk?

  5. P.S. Just looked at that shawl on the Ravelry page - WOW! What a stunner.

  6. Gorgeous shawl pattern. I can't honestly say if you've gone wrong or if it blocks out. Looking at "in-progress" photos on other Raveler's projects, they look very similar. Maybe message the designer? Or post on Ravelry in the patterns forum. There are some really awesome knitters who seem always ready to help :)

  7. I love the shawl, I think the problem will just block out to be honest (I can't really see it to begin with). And it looks like you achieved a lot, I especially love the cinderella, and the ten stitch twist!

  8. No help on the shawl, sorry to say. The list looks like a good working tool. What's a temperature blanket? Is that a style of a blanket?

  9. What you talking about? You had a great year--especially considering that huge house move--with young people around! Love your vague list--and regarding the shawl, have you posted a picture and question on the Rav page for the KAL? Lots of experienced knitters there--and Bev (Boo Knits) is reading and answering questions.
    *smiles and cheers to a great 3rd year*

  10. Looks to me like a very prolific year!

    Re. the shawl, what's on the other side of the YOs from the k2s ... if I knew I might be able to help :)

  11. Wow! I think that's a pretty impressive list of projects.
    I must persevere with learning to knit- there are so many amazing things I would love to make.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Sarah x

  12. That seems like loads to me counting your extras. I participated in my first CAL on facebook and like yourself I rather like the competitiveness of it although there was no prize nor did I expect one.As you say it is more of a challenge. I'd do that again. I do like the colours of the yarn you are using on the shawl. I'm afraid I can't help you though as I can't knit.
    I'll echo Sandy's question too...what's a temperature blanket?

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. Ah! The little ladies remind me of ButterBean...who resides in a place of honor, by the way. :)


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