Saturday, 10 January 2015

Blowing the cobwebs away

We've had a couple of beach days recently, where if there were any cobwebs about, they were well and truly blown away by the end!

I think the god thing about having dogs, is the necessity to be aired on a regular basis.

I don't often finish up a walk where I wished I had stayed at home.  More often than not, I more likely to be disappointed I didn't take my camera as I missed a great view.

The rock formations on this  beach are just amazing.  We visit here less often than the other beaches, and it has normally been when the day is sunny.  By the end of this walk,  we all had to totally strip off and change into dry clothes.

My camera is not water resistant, so it needed drying out after this venture!

Littlest boy never misses a photo opportunity!

 The wind was bracing so everyone just kept their heads down and plodded on!

This is a different day, a different beach....I love the way the rain drops on the lens distorted the view.

Out of focus, but can't you just taste the wildness of the day!  This is my in-laws dog who is holidaying with us for a few months.

And totally off topic, but it was at least worn in the above pics.  I made biggest boy a woolly hat, he chose the pattern from ravelry and the colours.  My first piece of stranded work, very simple but enjoyable....I would like to try something more difficult next time.


  1. That is a terrific slouch. That is some beach day you had there. Rain or shine, kids and dogs love to explore and climb.

  2. Your walk looks beautiful but chilly Faith. Love the hat, I have done very little stranded color work you did a great job. Hugs and have a great week,


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