Saturday, 10 January 2015

Happy Friday - 09.01.15

Our old computer of recent has become an expensive light, sitting in the corner, waiting to crash at the slightest mention of processing something.  It has been unresponsive (apart from looking like its on.... and a computer) for a couple of months.  So finally yesterday, we had a new computer delivered with all the old files and photos taken off the old machine and put on to a shiny new one.  Briefly I looked through some of my old pics, and happened upon this one......Littlest boy...looking....well...happy I'd say!

Did it make you smile?

I am smiling as I type!


  1. Yes! It did make me smile. Adorable little guy.

  2. Hello, I'm visiting from Planet Penny's Happy Friday. Doesn't it warm your heart to look back at family photos. What an adorable little boy. Wishing you all the best.

  3. He is adorable and very handsome. Yes, I smiled.

  4. He definitely made me smile - what a fantastic photo. Have fun with the new computer; your old one sounds a bit like mine! x


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